And I hope democracies can regulate to put an end to this system before it puts an end to democracies. Because, as with most things, it’s a systemic problem not one of personal responsibility. The people being addicted to these systems are the victims.


@aral yup, increasing calls from various corners of academia (corporate responsibility, design, HCI) warning against gamification & its impacts on human behaviour and living conditions. For instance, gamifying serious issues like sustainability might make us take them less seriously than we should

@louce @aral I would add to it the tracking of gamers and issues of privacy and data protection.

@clarinette @louce @aral I hate that "gamification" today is reduced to application of skinner-box-type anti-patterns.

There are wonderful elements of games that we could borrow from to build meaningful experiences. For example, games are great in creating immersion. We could use those techniques to build emphaty & expose people to new world-views. Games get their players to build their own narratives around mechanics. We could learn from that & build communal storytelling social networks. Etc.


@antolius @louce @aral indeed. They are many good uses with games including for young autistics

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