The blue and red could be actually congestion charge zone. TFL on Twitter send it as ULEZ/LEZ map.

London CCTV cameras omniveillance has gone mad. With it the complexity of rules for driving : congestion charge zone / Ultra emission zone / Low emission zone with constantly moving borders.
One single example: trying to find out if Richmond park is or is not within ULEZ, even TfL can’t clearly answer. They have contradictory maps and search by postcode answers

Beautiful pink flowers picked from the garden hoping they will grow on pot.

@emmanuelc @nolwennm Il existe une instance la LQDN ? Oui, Le rachat de Twitter par Elon Musk et sa soi-disant total free speech et d’un autre côté le pouvoir d’une entité privée comme Twitter de permettre le profusion de fake News puis soudain bannir un président des EU, ne pose problème. Autrement, j’ai un excellent network sur Twitter.

@emmanuelc @nolwennm je suis nouvelle et avant de m’investir d’avantage je s’ouvre m’assurer que cette plateforme a des avantages sur Twitter. Or, j’ai été surprise de ce qu’un modérateur puisse unilatéralement et sans aucun processus équitable ni warning ou droit de défense puis exclure un membre. Un point qui déjà me chagrinait sur Twitter.

@emmanuelc @nolwennm ce que je recherche est une plateforme soucieuse de préserver mes données personnelles, qui me permette d’échanger des idées et info avec d’autres personnes comme j’en ai eu l’occasion sur Twitter.

@krisnelson you can compare with this one in UK Tuckers Lae firm fined by the UK ICO after they had a ransomware breach for non compliance with their duty to take appropriate security measures.

@nolwennm ceux qui quittent Twitter et viennent faire un tour sur Mastodon doivent être convaincus de l’intérêt de leur choix. Perso, je ne suis pas du tout convaincue pour l’heure.

@yojimbo @xenophora my objections are mostly observations on my first week on Mastodon trying to see if a move out of Twitter to join Mastodon is going to worthy. I would hope to exchange in a forum where one does not get censored based on one single comment without warning and right to object. My surprise was that the moderator @Socrates did not reacted on this post

@yojimbo @socrates @xenophora my understanding was that @docrates is a moderator ‘Administrative account for’

@yojimbo @socrates @xenophora also you’d noticed the silence of the moderators when I am being unfairly attacked and accused of racism.

@yojimbo @socrates @xenophora it’s not obvious to find where are the interesting corners. From the title ‘socrate’ and ‘scholar’, I had some expectations of intellect and democracy especially from anything related to ‘Socrates’ who was unfairly tried.

@yojimbo @socrates @xenophora good point. I would need to find an instance with interesting people and exchanges with democratic and respectful rules.

Wrongly attributed to Voltaire, my motto : “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It”.

@xenophora is this normal that I cannot answer to this ladies post ?

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