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Hello world! I'm a geek and casual gamer that likes to meet people while streaming on most days. My latest game interests are shown there, but I play a variety of PVE focused stuff. On an kick lately learning it.

Hopping on Weekend Youtube for some Fallout 76 casual Sunday dailies! Last stream before "stream-cation" this week!

Fyi I got this done and it was pretty effortless. RTX Voice is noticeably better. It now picks up my whispers fine and cuts out other noise. Previously it struggled and garbled up my whispers.

So for those running RTX Voice standalone beta like myself, we've got some work to do. Update to most recent Geforce drivers, uninstall RTX voice, install the new broadcast app, configure, and reset your mic inputs again in obs/discord/etc afterward.

On this weekend's Youtube streams I'm excited to start Spiderman! If anyone wants to hangout here's the channel link: for game streams. I know how rare it is to find someone streaming gaming content, and I'm happy to fill that void for the internet.

Someone needs to hear these words of encouragement right now like I did: TURN HDCP OFF ON YOUR PLAYSTATION SO IT WILL WORK WITH YOUR CAPTURE CARD

PVP viable not really but that's why they show PVE games such as AC:Valhalla in marketing for these services. Ultimately we need decent broadband infrastructure investments and removal of ridiculous caps before services like these can be widely viable.

Want to stream on Youtube but missing the chat bot features you had on Twitch? Here's a video to get you started doing just that:

Opinion: Everything M$ touches turns to crap. Other side, Fallout franchise and Obsidian are under the same roof again.....

My brain: "I FINALLY found this thing I was looking for. Now I need to put it some place special where I won't lose it again"

Me: Puts the thing in some isolated separate place that I'll never remember because that's not where I usually keep those things.

Started a new @YouTubeGaming channel (separate from the Stream Tech Tutorial channel). We'll be experimenting with streams here this weekend. Twitch weekly schedule remains. We're not going anywhere, but 2 things I like are VARIETY and OPTIONS.

PSA: Our Toilet Paper emote had served us well, but has now been retired to free up the spot for a new era.

So of the *live streaming* ad experiences, which do you prefer? Yes I understand this is like asking your favorite flavor of spoiled meat.

So I'm a trash streamer that doesn't make Twitch fat bank, ok - so let me pay a monthly fee to disable ads instead of punishing viewers.

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