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My stomach turns at complaints about SUBtember. That’s the entitlement my friends list as why they stay away from streamers. As far as showing concern for my existing subs during a pandemic, I don’t want them to save $1. I want them to unsub, save $5, and know we’re here for them

A note to aspiring friendly trolls that the new site has a commands section for the soundboard. We'll be adding other features here from time to time:

It's also sad to see the *big* guys in the "gaming news" industry pouncing on companies when they have negative earnings reports, but when they have good news the following year...?

Just to clarify some misinformation about @TheDivisionGame that has been circulated by some. This is not to say the (any) game(s) is without fault, but let's stick to facts and cite *legitimate* sources.

Man still has its share of problems, but I still have fun with it from time to time since the big Wastelanders update.

I just works...right? Sorry couldn't resist. If you already own it and haven't touched it since launch I think it's definitely worth checking out though.

Hello....Federation? Fediverse? Thanks for your patience as I learn this. Happy Friday!

@tootleapp overall promising, but discovery of content really needs a lot of work.

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