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For those defending the decision as "people just wanting everything for free" this reminds me of the boiling frog syndrome. Where's the line and how much more? Give us more options *outside* of ad spam.

FYI “we’re testing” = “we’re going to see how hard we can exploit before people scream”

To all my viewer/streamer friends I’ve made: we’re not tied to any platform. This has always been about “us”. If the majority has a preferred platform that provides a better viewer experience, let me know and we can talk about it.

That moment when I complain about getting melted in heroic Division 2 and chat makes a build for me out of the spare garbage I have:

Stay strong, west coast. All you're going through and *you* still take time to encourage *me*, kind stranger. Wish I had caught this twitch dm during stream, but you probably didn't want to be called out anyway. 😢

We are stronger than 2020.

Much love.

I stay out of “game politics” but this bothers me. Free stuff that was added? Fine. But the Red War campaign? That will always be D2 for me. I understand the tech reason, but how legally? Do we now have to worry about “oh, they haven’t played x lately so we’ll just take it back”

I love @DestinyTheGame but the more I think the more confused I am. Can someone explain how they can legally remove core content including the main campaign that was marketed and sold to me? Had it always been free to play I could see, but as a fan I paid $60 for that at launch.

I can’t fathom how 1440p/120 fps streams at only 8000 bitrate will look good, but that’s their plan and we’ll see:

Here's the first 50 floors of The Summit on @TheDivisionGame PTS to give you an idea of what's coming. Note that the floors are random, meaning your floor layouts/objectives will be different than ours:

BTW finally got around to killing Earle Williams in @Fallout last night with some randoms. Super excited for the next season coming up with good changes.

Summit on the PTS is a BLAST! @TheDivisionGame has a winner on their hands right here. Thanks again for the incredible stream today everyone. We're halfway there!

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