new trailer looks gorgeous. I have always been skeptical if bringing this masterpiece to cinema is even possible, but Villeneuve seems to keep delivering.

I have a low hope that something like may pass but the fact it is even being proposed is a much welcome change.

TIL: Japan and Russia have roughly the same total population count.

The thing I miss the most about my early twenties was the capability of easily getting excited about things. Now there is a bitter "can't fix people" attitude that makes one considerably more efficient in life but does some shitty things to your mental energy - and I don't think it is possible to go back.

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We're very happy to announce a new era in Tor: Arti, a pure-Rust Tor implementation.
Thanks to funding from ZcashOMG, we can finally move the Arti project up in our priorities list!

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For that, you need to look at the neglected economics concept of "switching costs" - the things you give up when you stop using a product or service.

Facebook and other Big Tech companies do everything they can to raise switching costs. When you quit FB, you lose access to the friends, communities and customers who stay behind. There's no technical reason this has to happen.

You can switch cell carriers without losing the ability to call your friends, after all.


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The same principle also works backwards - one can often see cases of truly horrendous human beings from a minority group being highlighted by reactionaries as a supposedly defining examples. But that is just an unavoidable outcome of any opportunity - you are much more likely to see ruthless opportunists taking advantage of it than all the good people benefitting.

Main benefit of a positive discrimination of any kind is the disruption of inertia, an established status quo. But it is important to acknowledge that it does not address fundamental problems of social structure generally rewarding "shitty" behavior. As such, establishing diversity cannot be an end goal but just an intermediate building step - without any other measures it just enables success for worst people in any supported group.

Several years after introduction of I am more convinced than ever that this was a prime example of well-intentioned bureaucracy achieving the exact opposite of its intentions. Little to no benefits for users at the cost of the private data market being heavily aggregated in the hands of few big players that can afford it.

So annoyed with OG qualifying to by actually giving a damn about the result for the first time in the season. Of course one can blame Valve for designing a system where it is possible but this is just such an unsportsmanlike attitude from the team.

Forgotten feeling of dining out, can't help but sense I am doing something illegal. Also trying to make marginal social networks more mainstream by posting food photos. I think that is how it works.

I feel like with Tasha's release 5e has finally passed the critical line of printing too many extension books where restricting available options becomes a basic balancing necessity.

Script for automatic mirroring from mastodon to twitter seems to be abandoned but fortunately it was easy enough to fix:

Intend to keep maintaining my fork for some time.

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It’s time to ditch Chrome

As well as collecting your data, Chrome also gives Google a huge amount of control over how the web works

#google #chrome #privacy #security

Remember times when it was possible to script interaction with most websites by just bunch of straightforward curl calls? Usability dreams of pre-silo epoch. Now you need to apply through prolonged bureaucratic process just to get a Twitter auth key for a bot to post on your behalf. Not fun.

Reading right now about history of templated crypto exchange heists and just can't stop giggling. (Insert here a generic snarky remark about unsupervised markets in real world)

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That time when we got #ICFPC judge's prize.

The laugter after they ask which language did we use is priceless.

Well, we have switched to Rust and if someone wants to join #teamtbd, please do.

#YearOfTBD #WinThisYearPles

Hoping so much for in Germany now that Sweden has fucked up! Hey, there are even dedicated esports visas here, easy choice.

Ah, good old days when having 30+ in Riga was considered an outstanding and rare event. Dying from heat and humidity right now, trying to focus on work and failing miserably.

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