It is mind-blowing how Germany has both some of best person protection laws and some of craziest practices encouragement at the same time. Apparently now I will have to pay 1 year more for services I don't use because I have missed "autorenewal cancelling window" and that is a "standard german contract" >_<

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@cloudfog I don't think you have to pay for services you don't use anywhere. I would probably start with threatening #Vodafone with legal action, normally the fuckers break when you signal that you can go all the way. They just don't need the problems with the "crazy customers". If you can flex that you can generate cascading bad publicity for them, they'll do what you need them to even quicker.

I managed to get a phone replaced that I bricked while flashing, because the shop attendant didn't give me the correct model while I was puchasing it. Granted, it was #samsung's fuck-up, I'm pretty sure, contractually, they could have (and tried) to tell me to go fuck myself.

@jonn I had a legal counsel on a similar matter earlier. This is indeed a standard practice for long-term contracts here, the only way out is to leave the country and provide the proof of residence de-registration. So fuckers know very well they are in power in this case. I will try mailing their HQ asking for exception but that is pretty much all can do.

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