I was watching a Veritasium video about black holes and musing on the fact that light has no mass (but does have momentum!). This made me think about light being a particle and a wave and sent me down a rabbit hole of youtube videos. The concept of a particle as a wave that therefore has a frequency has long felt and kinda still feels a little weird to me (yeah yeah, I know double slit), but oddly enough the concept that it has a WAVELENGTH feels more natural to think about.

I am imagining the universe as one of those "live photos" (that a smartphone might take). If you say "put an electron here", an electron is really small and moves very quickly, so like in depicting a small thing in a video it kind of informs the state of multiple pixels in an localized area across multiple frames within the photo. Kind of like your eyes in a selfie. The wavelength is the set of pixels in the area where your eyes are in the photo.


When you measure the electron, it's kind of like taking one of those photos on your phone and picking one of the frames as the reference one. Your eyes might be open or they might be closed. Because your eyes are both open and closed in the picture... since you blinked.

And then... if you took each of the frames and added up the "color" of the pixels where your eyes are you'd get the interference pattern from your eyes blinking!

This is blowing my mind. Happy Tuesday!
P.S. not a physicist 🤣

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