I want to create an Agroecology online education platform that would help people connect to nature through the lens of food production. I believe food sovereignty and natural habitat regeneration are deeply intertwined and paramount to a resilient future.

Read my more specific details in the comments and then:

1. Like if you'd be interested in this program.

2. Give me ideas for funding this in a way that does not involve a pay-wall.

#garden #gardening

This Agroecology learning center would be an open-source program designed to help folks of all age, ability, background, and economic sector learn how to engage with nature through gardening and rewilding practices. The goal of this program is to provide a collection of practical content that initiates a meaningful and reciprocal relationship with nature through the lens of food production.

Educational modules would be organized by topic to include things like soil health, the basics of plant biology, garden design, crop planning, perennial gardening, native habitats, etc. Each module would then have numerous lessons around that topic. The estimated cost to create these modules is between $1200 and $3500 depending on the depth of content. It is my hope to bootstrap and launch this project, but in order for the program to sustain long-term and grow it will need public funding.

Initial funding thoughts:
- Crowd share funding of some kind with visual data for cost-to-date, future costs, etc.
- Patreon
- Random donations as people feel like supporting it


@tickfoot hmm. could make the course pay what you like with a default suggested payment amount and explanation as to why it's worth that and a comment that no judgement either way? This way people who are willing and able to pay can and those who aren't can still access?

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