Good god

> The technology dates to the 1970s — though this particular machine was updated in the ’90s to make it Y2K-compliant. The company that once manufactured SCAMPS no longer exists; when the machine breaks down, an IRS employee fabricates replacement parts on-site. “Only one guy knows how to fix the thing,” says John Desselle, a mailroom department manager.

@pixouls why do they still accept paper? Indeed, why are tax returns a thing in North America. Everywhere else I've lived, you get an assessment that says "Hey, we think you owe this amount; let us know if we're wrong".

Also, I love the fact that the 1864 Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return is available as a PDF:


@scruss you never know, someone might have forgotten to file their taxes that year

@cm2 true. The last US Civil War pension recipient only died in the last decade

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