The Japanese painter and Zen priest Toyo Sesshu (1420-1506) is generally regarded as Japan's greatest painter.

Just discovered that the bass sound is completely absent without headphones 🤔

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I made the mistake to take a week of vacation, without any plans and without preparing my mind. First, it felt like wasting minute after minute of precious time. Much worse than working days.

Then I remembered Robert Pirsig's good old 'Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance'. Just read the first section and … there it was back: that naturally relaxed mood of gliding through time, all senses wide open. Peace and gratitude.

Good books are like medicine. And they have no expiration date.

"Birds appear to listen most closely not to the melodies that catch our ears but rather to fine acoustic details in the chips and twangs of their songs that lie beyond the range of human perception."

"We can potentially achieve more by following a non-objective yet still principled path, after throwing off the shackles of objectives, metrics, and mandated outcomes"

Since every Mastodon newbie seems to post an , I should maybe catch up with this now:

I am a university physicist in Erlangen, Germany. After doing my PhD and habilitation in the field of quantum systems, I moved to biophysics and complex systems theory. At present, I am working in neuroscience and AI.

I will post mainly about my private interests: , , , , , , , , , , , and .

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The Tao Te Ching gives good advice for social media as well: Keep it simple, be fair and generous, don't try to control, do what you enjoy, and be completely present.

I hope that movies like those of Andrei Tarkovsky will be created again in the future.

I love this inspiring story, beautifully animated, about the silent planter of a better future.

I know that, left unchecked, nature will eventually engulf our human artifacts. But each time I see somebody trim a tree, I feel like the witness of a crime.

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In my limited experience and personal opinion if you're new here, one of the Key Things To Do is follow whoever you want, don't follow whoever you don't want, be your authentic self without regret, and have fun with it all.

Because if it isn't fun and isn't making you happy, what even is the point? 💙

Funny how every time I listen to more 'old-fashioned' , I think of my time in Tokyo, where these vibes are everywhere. And it kind of fits. Jazz is very urban, and human, and tasteful. Detached happiness.

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If you are also a fan of moss this is the whole episode of Japanology from NHK all about the love of Moss.

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The life in front of the PC and the life 30 meters down the street feel very different.

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