How are we all gonna fit in Florida? Gonna be a tight squeeze but it'll be worth it.

I wonder how long Western/global civilization can survive with a generally widespread feeling of massive distrust of all authorities and just general expectation that things suck and will constantly get exponentially worse.

Seems kind of a 1980s Soviet Union feeling about how everyone just knows it's all broken but we keep going through the motions.

I suppose the Third World has felt like this for decades now... or has the resigned awareness of pervasive corruption also been offset with hope?

USD is a debt token. It’s a security.

cc: @GaryGensler

As soon as I made a joke about Ivermectin I got Covid. Fuck.

Come join the federation we have:

- Dozens of users

- Hundreds of instances

Unfortunately, my window of opportunity closed soon after this 2nd experience.

I have never been able to repeat the experiment. It has been over 5 years since this occurred.

But tonight, my friends, I just might try again. Thanks for listening guys. Good night.

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Just as I relaxed, I felt my soul begin to move. And I was snapped back into my body which still lay in bed.

And I awoke. And I realized then that I was on my side, and how that had caused my perspective to become off balance....

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I closed my eyes and I strained to wake up. But I couldn't force myself. Mustering a will power within myself, I decided to stop panicking.

I calmed myself, ready to try harder to understand my predicament. But it was too late...

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I turned to place my feet on the floor and instead tumbled to the ground

My soul fell with a thump.

I felt the hard wood against my face and my body. I was trapped in between the mattress and ground. And I became frightened...

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It's hard to explain this part... so try to stay with me.

I did not know, but during my sleep I had turned on my side, but when I sat up in bed, I believed myself to have done so from lying on my back.

The perspective my spirit was experiencing was litterally 90 degrees inverted. While looking straight ahead, I was seeing to the side. And I was unable to understand what was wrong...

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After sometime I became aware of my unconscious state.

I sat up in bed, and in doing so, I successfully separated my soul from my body - just as had happened the 1st time.

Only this time, I was ready!

But before I could celebrate my accomplishment, something went horribly wrong...

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I allowed myself to relax. As if unclenching a muscle, my frontal lobe was able to calm itself. And as it calmed, I could feel areas of my brain activating toward the back of my skull that had nothing to do with thought. Waves of energy rushed over my body.

And I fell into very deep sleep...

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I felt that I only had a short window of time .

Perhaps caused by a temporary alignment of the stars, this feeling I couldn't shake told me to be intentional about another try.

I prepared my mind before I layed down in bed..

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Anywayz. The 2nd time I came out of body was among the craziest experiences of my entire life.

Having spent a few nights contemplating the implications of my 1st O.B.E, I believed myself more prepared. I could never have been more wrong...

Finally, I am not sure that the podcast will survive a new iteration. The amount of time and effort it took was sort of ridiculous.

The one's I did do will forever exist at . Maybe they can be turned into NFTs at some point. Lulz.

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