I am looking to collaborate on a short work of . Specifically, I would like to work on a 'chapter' in a collaborative piece where each chapter is invented and written by an independent , without influence from the original chapter/story creator.

I am willing to start a story, or add a chapter to someone else's.

I would work all day on if I had a group like I'm describing to work with.

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@admin Haha. Is that a thing. I'm in to it. Like a fictional place or movie star or what?

@coastal_jelly I've been kicking this idea around for a while... seeding a story and then opening the wiki to be fleshed out by anyone which would require some creativity to bridge the gap between what's made up and real.

@admin If you get it started I will help bridge gaps! Haha. Seed away.

@admin lol. What search terms did you use to get Google to give you this? This is fantastical.

@coastal_jelly I went through a few pages of 'fictional fake wiki' on DuckDuckGo!

@coastal_jelly i’ll write a chapter! :-D i love this idea.. i used to do this with a typewriter and an ex girlfriend, and didnt know anyone else actually enjoyed somesuch. a collaboration amongst many is a fantastic* * * idea! i’m in.. email me if thats easier..

@coastal_jelly btw i was talking to you on another instance before… but yay now we’re on here! this is what i decided to be my main one


it was a writing method used by the surrealists in france

@coastal_jelly Oh, this sounds like a fantastic project! I will get in touch with some of the authors we work with and see if any of them might be interested!

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