I am in the process of separating aspects of my personality into different avatars. 🔥

As an example, my interest in cryptocurrency has evolved into an online personality, Micah C. Miracle. More honestly, I revived an old personality because there was some 💵 in it for me.

Check out:

If you're into that kind of stuff, you can follow Micah C. Miracle here:


Further, the author name, beachbum, is being retired at thecoastalunderground.com.

The site will be revamped. And the name @coastal_jelly will supercede beachbum on stories.

The only nexus between @coastal_jelly and Micah C. Miracle will exist through a collection of NFTs. Hopefully, Micah can shill these out to an interested niche of investors and collectors.

The completion of this seemingly simple process will happen by the end of 2021. A series of new stories have been building inside of me, and I look forward to sharing.

In the meantime, I plan on entertaining folks here with a series of musings and true to life tales. Stay tuned!


Finally, I am not sure that the podcast will survive a new iteration. The amount of time and effort it took was sort of ridiculous.

The one's I did do will forever exist at open.audio/@thecoastalundergro . Maybe they can be turned into NFTs at some point. Lulz.

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