I generally try to keep my posts confined to other social media sites... so I'll keep this short.

$doge bitchez!

This is the obligatory late Saturday Mastodon follow up to this morning's !!!!

Check out the Ultimate Cage Matchup, now on :

Gavin Newsom Takes On Andrew Cuomo and Owns ... available now!


I just minted the world's first representing a physical item from within an original story.

The Physical Fiction collection, available on begins with a single offering.

Loose Change is available now!


Wow. Anybody watching $BAT rise in the market? $BAT is the associated with the browser, for anyone interested.

Oh yeah, did I tell you guys that I am now a verified Brave content creator. :catjam:


verified content creator, I am. Took all day to KYC. Still ain't got no $BAT😂

I set up a wallet for a world class artist. Check out yosephadams.com

This guy knows nothing about . He's syncing his wallet with the network right now!

I'm trying to surprise him. Imagine how together we could change the course of one man's life and art... I already sent 85 doge (about 5 bucks).

let's do this!



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