Sharing a of all the songs I've played on the . All of these songs are on and/or the

I will add to this playlist each week.


Best ever? That's for you to decide!

The Coastal Underground's 6th attempt:

Bad jokes fill the and Pumapay $PMA sucks major farts

Yes. It's on

Gonna stay up late tonight to bring you the best yet! Keep your eye out for The Coastal Underground episode 6!

I don't really know why this one's the best one. But you'll never know either if you don't tune in.

It's on .

This is my rabbit. Thanks. He won't be on the podcast. I know, I need to mow the lawn.

So... I have a very special guest coming for the . I normally upload my podcast late into the wee hours of Saturday morning...

But my guest had engine troubles at the edge of space last night. Nevertheless, Frank is ok! And he will appear on the podcast tonight!

I have a hard time understanding how someone can take a cadillac through time portals and still be late..

Anyway! Tonight! Frank from Space Cadillac will be joining me on The Coastal Underground!!!!

I've got a 1 gram cone of Alaska Thunderfuck to review on the .... if I can wait that long.

LivEmerald preroll

Happy Friday everyone. Gonna stay up late and get into that microcasm/macrocasm...

Checkout the on

This is the obligatory late Saturday Mastodon follow up to this morning's !!!!

Check out the Ultimate Cage Matchup, now on :

Gavin Newsom Takes On Andrew Cuomo and Owns ... available now!

Happy !

Drink some and check out the newest from The Coastal Underground:

@GavinNewsom Newson Takes On @andrewcuomo and (VET) Owns .

Available now! On
Make sure you subscribe!

I've been smoking on a mix of smalls the local shop sells on discount. I try to save my $ for a nice pre-roll to review in Friday night's .

What is everyone else smoking on?

So... you ever wake up the next morning after spamming your all over the web and realize... you forgot to use a pop filter!


Another by beachbum and The Coastal Underground is ready for your listening enjoyment.

Check out Earthquakes shake the planet and there's an in here somewhere...

On now!

Just in time for the weekend. My 1st go at a . Listen to The Coastal Underground on Funkwhale:


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