re: self sabotage 

@Andrii Your (our) successes are inumerable. And they started long before these avatars were born.

I (and perhaps all of us to some extent) deal with this as well. I have to remind myself that we (all of us) are literally magic stardust incarnate. How fucking successful!

@admin lol. What search terms did you use to get Google to give you this? This is fantastical.

@admin If you get it started I will help bridge gaps! Haha. Seed away.

@admin Haha. Is that a thing. I'm in to it. Like a fictional place or movie star or what?

I am looking to collaborate on a short work of . Specifically, I would like to work on a 'chapter' in a collaborative piece where each chapter is invented and written by an independent , without influence from the original chapter/story creator.

I am willing to start a story, or add a chapter to someone else's.

I would work all day on if I had a group like I'm describing to work with.

“Everybody’s colored or else you wouldn’t be able to see them.”

-Captain Beefheart

@calculsoberic I feel you. I lost a couple followers talking about cryptocurrency

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