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Covid got me putting on nice outfits to hang out with ppl online

i think website boy should change the toot button to just say "Fart!"

Mastodon is cool, but the censorship on Twitter is great!

my ideology is “go balls deep bro” and “fuck around and find out”

I used to think, both sides suck so bad, choosing one president or the other doesn't really matter.

I've rethought this over the last couple of months.

Apparantly there are new levels of bad governance I hadn't considered.

I guess I didn't expect over 20% of the people to say fuck me. Well FUCK YOU TOO!

This is only intended for about 7 people at this point.

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Do you ever get the feeling that no one on Mastodon went to sleep last night

I didn't think things could get MOAR divisive in the US.

The Church of the SubGenius does, in fact, own a functioning time machine. It is currently in the future. You can invest now to help us build it!

Send one dollar today, two dollars tomorrow, four dollars the next, etc.

:jrbd: 💸 ⌛


then, I guess, you'll always be my waffle guy. Is this what a bromance is? I've never really been clear on it.

@xmanmonk @nyquildotorg

Jeff Beck -- Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Beck is no run-of-the-mill guitarist. He is in a class of his own. Beck picks exclusively with his thumb and fingers and is constantly manipulating the whammy bar and volume and tone knobs on his Fender Stratocaster to create a kaleidoscope of sounds that could damn well be patented by him. No other guitarist sounds remotely like Jeff Beck.

2007 at Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival, Sydney, Australia

CLICK: #DotardRock

I'm considering playing James Bond Goldeneye (N64) on Twitch with a British accent and an anti Russia bias.

Is that interesting content?

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