@coja Biggest reasons that capitalism has lasted as long as it has in the USA, I've heard the workers in the rest of the West where smarter, is because American capitalists have been very successful at (1.) convincing American workers that they are capitalists & (2.) convincing Americans that Capitalism and The Free Market, are the same thing.


Nails perfectly, how far the working class drifted away from the knowledge of the class-statuses, and that it is not a shame to be a worker in the working class (at least it could be, if threated and paid fair - and owned the whole bakery😏✊).

When I talk with my husband about class struggle and social inequality, he always insists that he is not a part of the working class, which he is indeed, working quite hard for a deconstruction company and earns not quite little, but a normal salary for a normal living without the possibility of spending much or big savings (plus he is the main earner of us while I'm not able to work anymore because of Longcovid).

It's weird how neoliberalism-propaganda split the working class with the fantasy: "If I'm not nearly starving to dead despite I have work, than I don't belong to the (poor) working class. Therefore I have to defend the system that I'm profiting from. We have to be grateful that they give us work." At least that is what they are falsely claiming, even when they struggle hard, not seeing that it is the inhuman system, that is profiting from them and exploiting their work as a ressource.
Voila: " #WorkersUnite " will never be a dream come true. Not even now, in the dystopic eve of the all-destroying #climatecollapse, where neoliberalism and capitalism drove us into :/

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