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"How Microsoft Bought Activision Blizzard"

\looked at bank accounts

Yep. Enough cash.

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Read what this person isn't saying. They wanted to sign up to vote but didn't have a driver's license, a social security card,or a birth certificate. So without those things he couldn't vote...

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I registered to vote in Nebraska yesterday. I had to answer two questions:
1. Are you a US citizen?
2. Are you over 18?
No ID? No problem they just need the last 4 digits of your social.
It took me MONTHS to get registered in Georgia. It took a trip to the DMV, /1

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I'm such a fool, I fell for one of the classic blunders
1. Never get involved in a land war in Asia
2. Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line
3. Never argue about gas prices in good faith with AnalPrincess69

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Hollow Earth and mole people. Pretty sure the lab leak was caused by mole people.

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What's your best example of a 'Noble Lie' where
1) you've long been confident it is actually true,
2) you used to think that it was better for society if most folks believe the lie,
3) but now you think that society can handle the truth?

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Hello @TwitterSupport@twitter.com This account is spreading disinformation aimed at undermining public faith in elections. twitter.com/potus/status/14834

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I liked Stephen Colbert better when he was a hilarious parody of a clueless right wing pundit rather than a hilarious parody of a clueless left wing pundit

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I joke a lot on this website, but today I want to be serious and share with you one of the most profound insights you will ever encounter:

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Microsoft announces new exclusive Xbox Series game titled: "Fuck you Sony we now own Crash Bandicoot and Spyro." Game details are sparse at the moment but the game involves controlling each character as they search the environment for PS5s to shit on. It will be free on gamepass.

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Microsoft To Buy Square Enix - March 23rd, 2022
"We don't even like Final Fantasy, it's just funny to us watching Sony rage."

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I’ll tell you how to enjoy Twitter again & again

1. You can tweet shitposts
2. You can always ignore shit replies or DMs even if you checked them
3. Don’t check replies or DMs
4. Turn off the Twitter notifications
5. Just tweet anything, anytime you want

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Again for those who have missed it. You have ever right to not support a business. Once you announce it on Twitter you are then taking part in cancel culture.

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@ODSTxBlackFire@twitter.com @rorysmith89@twitter.com @TheQuartering@twitter.com @Carhartt@twitter.com Not supporting a business is not cancel culture. Announcing it on Twitter is.

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Anyone who spends thousands of dollars a year on clothing that last a lifetime is insane. I've got @Carhartt@twitter.com shirts and pants that are 20 years old.

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I spend thousands a year on @Carhartt@twitter.com hoodies, jackets & winter gear. Today that ends. I guess I am looking for alternatives. Seriously, this is insane given their target market. I am done purchasing any of their stuff and giving them thousands in free advertising.

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I was promised *NO* malarkey but there seems to be a lot of malarkey going on

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If I had to choose between raising my children in poverty or surrendering them to the "wisdom" of California bureaucrats -- I know what I’d choose.

Keep your "equity" and stay the hell away from my kids. twitter.com/joemmathews/status

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