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The CompileSwift podcast is currently moving to a new host, subscribers should notice no difference. If you want to subscribe easily with one click to the major players you can find it here

Had a lot of fun at the weekend on the CompileSwift Livestream ( ). I talk about it in a recent podcast episode for those curious or wanting to join a lively Swift development community.

Catch up on the latest episodes of the CompileSwift there is a new one coming soon!

Really @Spotify now showing me podcast ads when I open the app and I'm a paying member. Yeah, let's see how that works out come subscription renewal time for you.

Clearing my to-do's ready for Monday. How did I let all these little tasks pile up? I feel responsible :)

Thanks to everyone that came to hangout on the live stream

Checkout the latest podcast episode where I discuss the in and out of loading files in a SwiftUI application.

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