Our developer newsletter has never tracked opens. Our goal is to deliver interesting tools each week. If someone is interested in the tool then they'll click. If not, they won't. Reliance on open rates has always been flawed


Apple just announced new privacy protections built into iOS and macOS Monterey. While some are good, others will directly hurt creators.

A thread on why.


Email open rate has never been a good indicator of real engagement. The assumption that a ping to a remote image is a real person opening the email is flawed. Email client defaults, proxies, security systems, plain text, all add noise to this metric

And tracking whether someone "opened" an email is not actually an indication that they read anything. It's an inaccurate measure of engagement

Click rate is the way to measure engagement because it aligns the incentives of the reader (they want to check out something interesting) with the sender (provide interesting content). You get privacy as part of that

All the complaints about how this will destroy small newsletters are overblown and a reaction to having their toys taken away. Perhaps it will actually result in less spam as newsletter owners refocus on content that people actually want to receive

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