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When people find Rust hard to learn, I think that what's happening is that they're being exposed to the complexity that exists rather than being hidden from it.

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"How a simple Linux kernel memory corruption bug can lead to complete system compromise" by @tehjh@twitter.com.

In the long term, statically verify [..] most performance-critical code. Consider designing runtime verification just for gaps in static verification.


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@Mayankbhola@twitter.com, VP, Engineering at @lambdatesting@twitter.com , reveals the vision behind the product, how the teams work, the challenges faced, and much more, in a candid interview with @consoledotdev@twitter.com
Check out this insightful interview bit.ly/3FUjjnA

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Client-side only mode now available in @liveblocks@twitter.com πŸš€πŸš¨

You can now add multiplayer experiences to your website in about the same time it takes to make coffee in the morning! All in the client, no authentication endpoint required.

Learn more πŸ‘‰ liveblocks.io/blog/client-side

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I reported this before, but now it's a bit clearer: jQuery did indeed peak in usage halfway through 2020, and is only *now* finally in decline.

What amazing impact... peaking at *80%* penetration of the top 100K websites!

We all owe @jeresig@twitter.com a big debt. Write less, do more!

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I've just published a new blog post to help answer the common question "which router should I use?".

Comes complete with a bonus flowchart to help you make your choice 😊 alexedwards.net/blog/which-go-

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I’ve been doing a bit of work recently, attacking laptops that are protected by Microsoft Bitlocker drive encryption.

Join me on a journey where we break into this CEO’s laptop to steal company secrets and plant malware.

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πŸ“£ VS Code in the browser for everyone.
Introducing OpenVSCode Server - an open-source project that makes running VS Code in a browser accessible for all devs & orgs. Backed by @gitlab@twitter.com, @VMware@twitter.com, @Uber@twitter.com, @SAP@twitter.com, @sourcegraph@twitter.com, @rstudio@twitter.com @SUSE@twitter.com & more

Blog: bit.ly/3ujCHVx

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Introducing WasmX. Bringing the power of WebAssembly standards into Kong API Gateway. Enabling Kong plugins support for *any Envoy filter* out of the box plus the ability to write new plugins with more programming languages. . The Kong ecosystem just got much bigger! twitter.com/thekonginc/status/

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A 🧡on how we use fuzz testing at @liveblocks@twitter.com;

When we write conventional tests, we're limited to the scenarios we can imagine.

I don't trust my imagination to find all the edge cases when building a multiplayer app with complex features like offline support and undo/redo.

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Rust is now the third largest programming language in Firefox Platform repository. 3.7m lines of code out of 31m lines of code in total (includes deps).
My team is working on moving another 300k C lines to 30k of Rust! (!)

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πŸš€ Introducing Motion One. The smallest fully-featured animation library for the web.

Built on the Web Animations API, it offers hardware accelerated animations, timelines and more, all for less than a fifth of the size of Greensock.

Check it out: motion.dev

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Developer Experience is crucial to the adoption and ultimate success of a product.

To help you create a better developer experience when using Kubernetes, I’m going to share 10 Kubernetes tools that will give you and your dev team an edge with Kubernetes. πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

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πŸŽ™οΈWhat could we do to make more code treated as data? @jeanqasaur@twitter.com questions @davidmytton@twitter.com in their review of @cue_lang@twitter.com in this week's DevTools Podcast.

Listen now at: podcast.console.dev/

How are security tools adopted? Is it still from top-level executives or are developers now choosing? What are the risks and rewards? @jeanqasaur@twitter.com and @davidmytton@twitter.com debate in the DevTools podcast.

Listen now at: podcast.console.dev/

How do we trust tools with critical login details?@davidmytton@twitter.com & @jeanqasaur@twitter.com review leapp.cloud (manage cloud access credentials) in this week's DevTools podcast.

Listen now: podcast.console.dev

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I've released Matchbox, a project for setting up p2p connections (over WebRTC) in rust web assembly.

In combination with bevy and this means low-latency multiplayer games in web browsers.


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