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Waypoint 0.3 is out! GitOps workflow, AWS Lambda support, and more. Check out the demo below where I take a new installation and deploy to Lambda from a Git repo only using the UI. `waypoint exec` and log streaming works with Lambda, too, which is magic. hashicorp.com/blog/announcing-

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IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1: built-in code reviews powered by Space and more

With the Space plugin now bundled in 2021.1, you can:

πŸ—ƒοΈPerform code reviews with merge requests
🎨Easily edit Space automation scripts in IntelliJ IDEA
πŸ‘‰Learn more: jb.gg/code-reviews

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Been wanting to write some posts like this for a long time showing some techniques for hacking on an unfamiliar project using very basic programming/Linux tools. In this post it's nginx


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Cherry-picking is now available in GitHub Desktop 2.7! Easily copy commits from one branch to another via drag and drop. github.blog/2021-03-30-github-

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Okay, I managed to encode my avatar with terminal escape sequences and unicode block characters and put it in the author email field.

git clone gist.github.com/ryancdotorg/a2 /tmp/a256c3c
cd /tmp/a256c3c
git --no-pager log -s --format="%ae"

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πŸ›ΈπŸŒŽ Much like its cult classic namesake, the Plan 9 OS code is taking off to parts unknown & being made public courtesy of the new @plan9foundation@twitter.com!

Developed by the team behind , learn more about Plan 9 from Bell Labs, here: nokia.ly/3cemQjZ

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Here's a little Mac app I built a while back to track down CPU hogs. Unlike Activity Monitor, it starts instantly and shows you historical CPU usage for each process. πŸ“ˆ

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I’ve made a Cursed USB-C 2.0 device. It behaves differently based on the orientation of the plug.

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Why do we call them "Cloud Providers" instead of "LAN Lords"?

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Don't let regular expressions be your downfall. Scan your regexes with @afewgoats@twitter.com' new tool Regexploit (github.com/doyensec/regexploit). Check out our ReDoS adventures at: blog.doyensec.com/2021/03/11/r

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x28 jump in req/s, 2M total over 24hr with 8.3ms 99.9th percentile response time, after console.dev hit the HN homepage yesterday afternoon. Scaling is easy when the site is static HTML hosted on Cloudflare Workers!

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Learn in 5 minutes how git-autofixup streamlines your daily Git workflow:
πŸ‘‰ hubs.ly/H0Jt9Sh0

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What have we learnt about networks in 50 years? Really interesting read by routing pioneer Tony Li πŸ™Œ blog.apnic.net/2021/03/12/a-br

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Fast, secure and free; its here for the LabTop Mk III. 😎

Following the successful release of coreboot for the LabTop Mk IV, we are excited to announce it's arrival for the LabTop Mk III - available to install now: support.starlabs.systems/kb/gu

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Checkout the Console.dev interview that @davidmytton@twitter.com did with @AliKhajeh@twitter.com about Infracost and why we built it: console.dev/qa/infracost-ali-k

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Within 48 hours of the GTA Online JSON parsing / "C is bad" / "no you're holding it wrong" discussions:

I discover an accidentally quadratic parser in my "high-performance" mesh viewer:

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Unix still has lines written in 1979!!!

@CoolSWEng@twitter.com is telling us all about the UNIX story and architectural evolution in our software architecture course!!

The paper, if you are curious: ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel7/32/43

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⭐️Here is my promised blog post. How to enable automatic dark mode switching for your Terminal and applications. All the scripts and code is open source and can be found in my dotfiles repo:

πŸ‘‰ arslan.io/2021/02/15/automatic

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πŸ’‘ console.log(`New blog post!`);

Read "Six time-saving tips for using the DevTools Console" from @partytimeHXLNT@twitter.com and @patrickbrosset@twitter.com to learn how to get the most from the console when debugging for the web: msft.it/6019pC7oc

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