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EP2: @davidmytton@twitter.com and @jeanqasaur@twitter.com discuss @github@twitter.com Copilot

Bugs and security issues are to be expected, but is it weird that open source proponents are now trying to use copyright to restrict?

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EP1 of our new podcast with ⁦@jeanqasaur@twitter.com⁩ and ⁦@davidmytton@twitter.com⁩ discussing Waypoint, a build, deploy, release CLI from ⁦@HashiCorp@twitter.com⁩ - subscribe: podcast.console.dev

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Today, we release Tuplex (tuplex.cs.brown.edu), a new system that turns Python data science pipelines into efficient, optimized machine code.

Think PySpark or Dask, but with end-to-end LLVM code generation for custom Python code. Tuplex often yields speedups of 10-20x. 🧡⏎

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Hey, @github@twitter.com I would like to introduce you to @daprdev@twitter.com. There is now an official Dapr tool installer in the GitHub marketplace. Install the Dapr CLI on your runners and run Dapr commands on macOS, Windows, and Linux github.com/marketplace/actions

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Just recorded the first episode of the @consoledotdev@twitter.com dev tool review, a 15-minute weekly mini-podcast with @davidmytton@twitter.com.


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How it started. 1996. 16 Intel cores, Ethernet, Linux.

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I am very excited to finally share the results of the 2021 edition of the "VC Tech Stack" survey launched earlier this year: a 39-page report, 1 landscape image, and a 212 list of the tools.

All of it is accessible in this Medium post bit.ly/2021VCTechStack

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The Ethereum community has accidentally solved a major problem of the Internet: Single Sign-On

"Sign-In w/ Ethereum" is the future of login for *every app on the Internet*, crypto-related or not

Not just an idea, it's already the norm for web3 & will spread

warning longπŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

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Our developer newsletter has never tracked opens. Our goal is to deliver interesting tools each week. If someone is interested in the tool then they'll click. If not, they won't. Reliance on open rates has always been flawed

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Apple just announced new privacy protections built into iOS and macOS Monterey. While some are good, others will directly hurt creators.

A thread on why.

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Taylor Swift having FEELINGS about software tools, a thread.

Taylor frustrated that her linter keeps reporting pedantic issues, instead of actually helping with the maintainability of the code.

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Extensions can run during all phases of the Lambda lifecycle - they can run before the function is initialized, run in parallel during an invoke, continue to run after the function code is done, and also run before the environment is spun down.

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Today we are announcing the GA release of 1.0. This marks a major milestone for interoperability, ease of upgrades, and maintenance for your automation workflows for what has become a standard for cloud provisioning. hashi.co/3glQiFt

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Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning: 1.2M API req/s on a 4 vCPU EC2 Instance: talawah.io/blog/extreme-http-p

I've been working on this optimization experiment for a while now. Feels good to finally get this post published!

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Releasing our first public project to the world! From our team within GitHub that explores the future of development, we're excited to share:

✨✨ Flat Data ✨✨

We asked ourselves:
How easy can we make it to work with live-updating data?

Check it out!


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Today is the big day - we're proud to announce 6.0 with out of order (O3) ingestion including benchmark results comparing QuestDB to InfluxDB, ClickHouse, and TimescaleDB. Massive thanks to our community for their feedback!

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πŸ”§ Every tool claims to make our lives faster and easier, but what do we really want out of our developer experience? Maybe we do want it to be hard - just not too hard.
@ellenchisa@twitter.com will get to the bottom of this hypothesis at

Register nowπŸ‘‡

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