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Microsoft Edge 96 introduces a new DevTools experiment to open your source files in VS Code, making it easier to keep changes in sync between the browser tools and your development environment. Learn more on the blog, and let us know what you think! msft.it/6019XfGAb

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A few hours ago, @rustlang@twitter.com 1.56 was released! πŸ¦€

This version ships with the new edition: Rust 2021! 🐊✨🎊

There's quite a few new features in the new version and edition:


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We just published "Profiling 25,000 S3 Buckets: The Billion Dollar Opportunity for @Cloudflare@twitter.com R2"

Read the post here πŸ‘‰ vantage.sh/blog/the-opportunit

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Interesting tool of the week: github.com/codenotary/immudb by @immudb@twitter.com

We like: Can be used as a database server or as a library. Acts as a k/v store or can be queried using SQL. Storage agnostic - can even be S3. Built-in Prometheus endpoint

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if you're interested in cool new developer tools check out @consoledotdev@twitter.com. it's a great, short and sharp roundup newsletter, well worth a follow console.dev/

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When people find Rust hard to learn, I think that what's happening is that they're being exposed to the complexity that exists rather than being hidden from it.

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I love @JetBrainsRider@twitter.com but due to a bug I couldn't use it to debug applications executed by -compose. Here's how I solved this problem.

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1. Code is a liability, use services (Step Functions!) where possible

2. Don't emulate the cloud, extend your dev env with an AWS sandbox

3. Integration test the shit out of your serverless apps, since 90% of their functionality are integrations twitter.com/julian_wood/status

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"How a simple Linux kernel memory corruption bug can lead to complete system compromise" by @tehjh@twitter.com.

In the long term, statically verify [..] most performance-critical code. Consider designing runtime verification just for gaps in static verification.


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πŸ“„ Case study on adding type hints to @urllib3@twitter.com. Our conclusion: tests alone aren't enough.

Lots of lessons learned and tips on how to add type hints to projects of medium-large size and complexity.


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Latest post is a big one: "Why you shouldn't invoke setup​.py directly"

A lot of people don't know about this because we haven't been great about getting the word out. This blog post is in part an attempt to remedy this.

Please help spread the word!


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@Mayankbhola@twitter.com, VP, Engineering at @lambdatesting@twitter.com , reveals the vision behind the product, how the teams work, the challenges faced, and much more, in a candid interview with @consoledotdev@twitter.com
Check out this insightful interview bit.ly/3FUjjnA

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Interesting tool of the week: github.com/dandavison/delta by @dandavison7@twitter.com

We like: Displays line numbers. Side by side view. Can be used independently from the terminal, but configured through git means it supports all git features outputting code

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New post about @rustlang@twitter.com! "Designing an API Client in Rust: New Rspotify Version a Year Later"


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HashiCorp enables a PaaS-like experience with your infrastructure. Waypoint 0.6 focuses on by integrating Helm, auto-scaling, pod-based Docker builds, and more.

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Season Two of starts October 29. The theme is "Living with Reality" and we'll be talking about large-scale adoption of languages and tools.

I'm still amazed we were able to line up such a great set of guests. 🀩

Here's the schedule! 1/

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We spoke with @Mayankbhola@twitter.com from @lambdatesting@twitter.com about why they picked Go over Rust, how they work with open source projects like @SeleniumHQ@twitter.com and why they have to hack Safari to run multiple instances using different proxies


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