My simple principles of making your time online a bit happier.

Read the whole post or thread.
Ask questions kindly.
Remember that not every post is for you.
You don't need to reply.
Don't worry what others think.
Write your own posts.
Speak with good motivation.
Let go of seeking praise.
Let go of avoiding blame.
Don't let others decide your worth.

Read the whole post.

Reacting to a single post without reading the thread is the source of so many misunderstandings. We've all experienced it. It takes a little more time, but it's good to slow down anyway. Try reading, and re-reading the post or thread, then think about replying carefully.

@continuation I am finding that the Mastodon iOS client interface is making it difficult for me to know what is the end of a thread. Using this as an opportunity to ask: does anyone know of a way to make this more obvious?


@b_cavello Try the iOS app Metatext, see if you like that better. I did!

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