Just migrated to this account today from another instance, so here’s a new . I’m interested in finding people to follow with shared interests, please do say hi. 🙏

I’m . I’m interested in , , , the , . I’ve studied , and am writing a PhD on , , and the search for life. 🌏

Continuing my .

Elders whose words, practices, and writing inspire me include and among others.

I'm currently reading two sci-fi books, alternating between them: 's Xenogenesis trilogy, I'm on the second book Adulthood rites. And 's Blue Ant trilogy, I'm on the third book Zero History.

I want to follow more Buddhists, Vegans, Anarchists, Peacemakers, Nature Lovers, Fountain Pen Users, Tea Drinkers, Science Fiction readers, and others with shared interests and values. (see up this thread)

Say hi so I can find you. 🌱

Continuing my with a bit more about my research.

Broadly it's about the "search for life" in SETI and astrobiology, specifically how that's framed as a search for "intelligence" and "civilization" and so on.

I joined the SETI community and worked in it as my fieldwork, as an anthropologist working on SETI problems. And now I'm writing the dissertation for my PhD based on that research and fieldwork.

Issues that I talk about in my work include how the idea of "progress" was built by colonialism on hierarchies of culture and race with white Europe at the top. This also applies to "intelligence" and "technology" and "civilization" and "culture" and ideas like "advanced vs. primitive" and distinctions between "nature vs. culture" and "object vs. subject" and "self vs. other" and so on. All of these ideas have a history.

Some humans, like those doing SETI and astrobiology work, wonder if we are alone in the universe, but many others have always known we are not alone.

That we are actually surrounded by intelligent, communicative non-human lives, cultures, and societies across the planet. The key in my view is to start noticing what’s right there in front of us.

My PhD research, and the dissertation I’m writing based on it, is about this search for life beyond Earth in astrobiology and SETI, about the life and intellligence that is already right here, and whether we are the kind of species who are really ready to encounter it if we were to make contact with other forms of life.

We’re not yet, but we could be one day.


One challenge I think we face is to rebuild our relationships not only with each other but also with all the life, land, water, systems, and many non-human societies of Earth. We already live alongside so much other life, but as a species we have yet to learn how to do so with respect.

I think this can be described as an issue of the need for realization of interdependence, and interbeing.

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I've published a few things over the years related to the anthropology of space, and SETI and astrobiology specifically.

If one day we are ready and we meet life from another world, what would it be like to host them? Here are few thoughts I wrote on this…


In this group discussion interview, I share my thoughts on communication with alien life and some “fundamental questions of xenolinguistics.”


If podcasts are your thing, you can learn more about the kind of research I do from this episode of Flash Forward that I was on.

It deals with the possibility of alien contact.


Continuing .

I figured I would add some affiliations and other activity that might help connect with more people who have interests and experiences in common, if so do please say hi! 😁🙏

I did degrees in four-field Anthropology, Religion Program, and Thomas Hunter Honors Program at Hunter College, . Now a doing a at Memorial University in Canada.

I'm also an alumnus of Intercultural Programs (Nykøbing Falster, Denmark), ( and ), Pacific Northwest College of Art (contemporary theory and printmaking ), the U.S. Department of State’s Critical Language Scholarship at (East Java, ).

At various times I was also at Portland State University, The New School, and The CUNY Grad Center.

I was one of the co-founders of The People’s Library, the library of the social movement in NYC, and was a#LibraryJournal "Mover and Shaker" in 2012, along with the actual librarians who I worked with.

I'm a member of the International Academy of Astronautics’ SETI Permanent Committee (). On the advisory boards for International and the Research Institute. And was one of the founding board member of the .


Have you read ‘American Cosmic’?
I found it a challenging and engaging read (tho occasionally encroaching the woo zone).
Have seen the author Dr Pasulka interviews on a number of podcasts. She comes across as authentic and engaging.
I find this whole topic extremely interesting and my own views on the whole extraterrestrial/ high strangeness topics continue to evolve.

@Ian I haven't read that - thank you for mentioning it. There are so many books!


Two books that might be of interest if you haven't already heard of them:

The Resonance of Unseen Things: Poetics, Power, Captivity, and UFOs in the American Uncanny


Thanks Michael. Appreciate the recommendations. Will check them out.

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