Have you noticed that you can't see the numbers on the boosts and favourites from the timeline, only after you click on a post? This is another great feature, not a bug. This works against the gamification you see in corporate social media sites. Preventing the economy of likes and retweets that drives behaviours elsewhere. I personally love this.

"Boost/fav counters are not included because having them be always visible leads to a subconscious value judgement, where posts with more boosts/favs are seen as "better", "more popular", or even "more correct". Mastodon is intended to be a communication platform and not a content consumption platform, so the numbers are hidden in the timeline to give all posts a "fair chance" at initial judgement."

@continuation depends on the client, but I agree with you about the positive effects.

@davegomez Yes, indeed. You can see them in the feeds if you want - but the default for the web is that they're hidden for this reason. And I really appreciate that choice.

@continuation we have been trying to do the same with #manyverse, and it isn't easy to achieve.

On one side, you want to provide helpful information, and on the other, you want to avoid “engagement.”

For authors, their content is still essential to reach people and get noticed; it's not the same for people talking with their friends and family.

Providing both in a healthy way it's a challenge.

@continuation @davegomez I'm on the web (PWA) and haven't change any default, yet boost and favories are shown to me. How do I hide them?

Sorry @rootadmin but I can't find the option, neither on the current interface or the advance 😕

@davegomez @rootadmin They’re hidden from public feeds. Not sure what view this is you’re looking at?

@continuation @davegomez yeah, they're hidden on local/federated timeline, but shows up on search posts. not sure if it's a bug or intentional design..

@rootadmin @davegomez Interesting, thank you for noticing and letting me know the different ways they're showing up, it's good to know!

@continuation @davegomez It can be beneficial to see that there _are_ replies though so you know there's a thread to open and not just the single item you've just read.

@continuation in the very unlikely event that I ever post a toot so popular that is has 1000 boosts, I would want to know, it would have consequences for me.

@continuation i'm definitely not used to this feature, but makes a lot of sense!

@continuation Have to admit, it's unexpected and... uh.... disorienting?

We have so much to de-learn.

@continuation Gamification yeah, I would say more engagement. twitter does a lot to show you things that you can react to. here you have to search more by yourself. This is not a criticism, I like it. It might lead to better and richer interactions.

Mastodon Talk (+) 

@continuation Oh hey, I didn't know it was intentional. That's actually a really good feature. Another point for this place!

@continuation Over here in friendica, i can see some basic numbers while scrolling along the feed. But to see who liked or reshared stuff i need to click once at least...

But yeah anyhow, this here is not about likes or reshares from the start on. ;)


Honestly thought it was a bug or lag. I don't mind not seeing faves or boosts, but when the reply count lags (and it does) one can end up making a redundant reply. It has taken me a while to learn not to trust the reply count.

@continuation This also helps not to have the device constantly checking the count on everything and helps with social media addiction, in addition to the benefits you stated.

Hmmm. New here. What are those little numbers next to the stars and the “recirculate?” buttons?

@Cichock When you click on a post you can see the boost and favourite numbers, but when it's in a feed they aren't visible. This all depends on which client and instance and settings you have, but those are the defaults for Mastodon.

@continuation ahh, I see. I had already clicked on your toot (that word will take some getting used to…….) before I saw the numbers.

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