"We need to discern who we are and expand on our humanness and sacredness. That’s how we change the world, which happens because we will be the change.

And we all have to change what we say, what we do, what we think, what we imagine."

"Regimes of racial segregation were not disestablished because of the work of leaders and presidents and legislators but rather because of the fact that ordinary people adopted a critical stance in how they perceived their relationship to reality."

— Dr.

"When we commit to love in our daily life, habits are shattered. We are necessarily working to end domination."

"You cannot take what you have not given, and you must give yourself. You cannot buy the Revolution. You cannot make the Revolution. You can only be the Revolution. It is in your spirit, or it is nowhere."

"We live in a capitalist society... But our major preoccupation is not destroying capitalism. Our major preoccupation is with creating the type of system that will be diametrically opposed to capitalism..."

"We need a collective awakening for our world to be saved. For our planet to be saved. Collective awakening is made of individual awakening. You have to wake yourself up."

"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society."

— Dr. , Jr.


"Feminism is also about a refusal to attribute permanency to that which exists in the present simply because it exists.

We have these positivistic habits. We look at something and we assume that because it is, because it exists, it will always be that way."

— Dr.

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"You have to look at how you yourselves have become part of this culture. You have to be thinking about values and not just abuses.

You must not be satisfied with rebellion. We need revolution. Revolution means reinventing culture."

"In a world anguished by rampant destruction, fear prevails.

When we love, we no longer allow our hearts to be held captive by fear."

"The exercise of imagination is dangerous to those who profit from the way things are because it has the power to show that the way things are is not permanent, not universal, not necessary."

"We don’t have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory."

"As soon as we wake up and we give rise to the aspiration to live differently, our healing and transformation begins right away, but, if we want to continue to heal, we need an environment that is conducive to healing.

In communities of mindful living we’re able to demonstrate that it is possible to live happily and with few possessions. A few hundred people can live together and devote their time and energy to building solidarity, compassion, and love."

"We should create an island of peace and togetherness wherever we live. A sangha is a refuge. It is an island of peace. It is a community of resistance against violence, hate, and despair. We all need a place like that to go to."

"For a house to be truly beautiful it has to have a strong foundation. That means finding the ground of our being, the place where we discover ourselves.

Our foundation of self-invention does not preclude community. In genuine community there is lots of difference. We all make our contribution from a place of difference, not sameness."

"First, when we set about trying to transform society, we must remember that we ourselves will also need to transform.

Our imagination of what a different world can be is limited. We are deeply entangled in the very systems we are organizing to change."

"We will not know our own injustice if we cannot imagine justice. We will not be free if we do not imagine freedom.

We cannot demand that anyone try to attain justice and freedom who has not had a chance to imagine them as attainable."

"It is the responsibility of free men to trust and to celebrate what is constant—birth, struggle, and death are constant, and so is love, though we may not always think so—and to apprehend the nature of change, to be able and willing to change."

"I speak of change not on the surface but in the depths—change in the sense of renewal. But renewal becomes impossible if one supposes things to be constant that are not—safety, for example, or money or power.

One clings then to chimeras, by which one can only be betrayed, and the entire hope—the entire possibility—of freedom disappears."

"The individual consciousness is made of the collective, and the collective is made of the individual; they inter-are.

Even if the majority has not seen the truth that you have, you are courageous enough to continue. And the minority who see the truth, who are awakened, can transform the whole situation."

"Society’s collective fear of love must be faced if we are to lay claim to a love ethic that can inspire us and give us the courage to make necessary changes."

"Far from being the pious injunction of a Utopian dreamer, love is an absolute necessity for the survival of our civilization."

— Dr. , Jr.

"We have all so thoroughly internalized these logics of oppression that if oppression were to end tomorrow, we would be likely to reproduce previous structures."

"Even if we transport all the bombs to the moon, the roots of war and the roots of bombs are still there, in our hearts and minds, and sooner or later we will make new bombs.

To work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the hearts of people."

"Being intentionally in relation to one another, a part of a collective, helps to not only imagine new worlds, but also to imagine ourselves differently."

"To transform our situation is also to transform our minds.

To transform our minds is also to transform our situation, because the situation is mind, and mind is situation."

"When my students say they want to change the world, I espouse an inward to outward movement.

If you feel that you can’t do shit about your own reality, how can you really think you could change the world?"

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