I’d like to follow more , by which I mean . FCNL’s social media posts are one of my favourite sources of legislative related activism and news elsewhere. If you’re Quaker or have suggestions please say hi if you’d like. 🕊🌍🙏

@continuation You're already following me, but I'm also interested in finding more Quakers on here (so hope others will respond here). I thought about creating an group for Quakers, but shied away at the last minute.

Sadly our local Friends meeting fizzled out about two years ago, and the closest one to me now is 45 mins. away (one way).

It's the first time I've lived in a place that doesn't have a strong Quaker presence. Which maybe is the norm for most places?

@continuation Well, I actually am that! Raised a Quaker, still a member of my meeting back in the Philly area technically. Love to talk about it.

@wlonk thank you for letting me know, glad to already be following. 😁

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