Did you know only has about one thousand people across all these sites who are providing financial support? In addition to supporting your local instance admins, if you can please consider donating to Mastodon development.

@ruffni Mastodon is an example of software I use only grudgingly and wish was developed by someone else, so I'm among those who could support it financially but don't.

@freakazoid @ruffni One can support #Mastodon financially by donating to any of the dozens of non-profits which host an instance. For instance I use because I'm happy to support @LaQuadrature.

So I'm confused, are you saying you didn't find *any* entity or instance worth supporting? The #fediverseparty list has a rather diverse set of suggestions.

@freakazoid what's the matter with masto devs? they no good?

@ruffni Compared to the Pleroma devs Gargron is great. Just not up to the task of building an important social media server.

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