Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)


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More information:

The land you see is ours. When the cyclelane was built we thought it would be nice if people could have somewhere to sit and perform basic bike repairs.

First idea was to use a random old bench and bike-pump on a chain. I did ask the community for subsidy though, and they ended up paying for nice materials! :-)

After levelling the ground I installed the equipment, planted hedges (takes some years to become visible) and now people use it every day :-)


@Pepijn This is lovely. I first encountered a public air supply when cycling in Sweden. They didn’t have them back in the 90s when I lived in DK.

@continuation There's still not that many here. They're wither one-offs like mine, or communities who have a bunch along a specific route (Copenhagen and Vejle are the two I know).

And maybe that's fine as not everything has to be a perfect system. It would be nice to have that Dutch style cycling node network (knooppunt netwerk) in place. I'm now considering creating a demo of a veeery basic version just for or area en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number

@Pepijn @continuation

The one improvement I would suggest for any newly setup system:

Please have nation-wide system or make sure the municipalities/provinces overlap/cooperate on the numbering and map-interconnecting.

Moving from one province to another on the network is still a bit confusing in NL.

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