"When we hold back our feelings and ignore our pain, we are committing violence against ourselves.

The practice of nonviolence is to be here, to be present, and to recognize our own pain and despair. When anger or fear is present in us, we bring awareness to it."

"Every time you feel lost, alienated, or cut off from life, or from the world, every time you feel despair, anger, or instability, practice going home.

Mindful breathing is the vehicle that you use to go back to your true home."

— Thich Nhat Hanh

"It is possible of course to get stuck in the 'mud' of life. It’s easy enough to notice mud all over you at times. The hardest thing to practice is not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by despair."



@djm Thank you for sharing this page and illustration, I recognize Mop I think, but which book is it?

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@continuation The marvelous mud washing machine. I had it when I was a wee lad. The mud reference reminded me.

@djm Oh wow, I thought it was the book about the kid named Mop from Parallax Press, how neat, thank you!

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