I wonder if it's just me or if other people are also noticing how the big corporate side of the internet is totally broken.

Google search results all lead to pages that don't exist or are paywalled or non-functional without allowing tracking.

Amazon listings are mostly scams, reviews are for totally different products.

I used to look at these things to compare with what I was doing elsewhere, but now when I do it just seems kafkaesque how broken it all is.

@continuation I'm routinely flabbergasted by how so little is functional anymore.

@continuation I used to automatically distrust domains with uncommon TLDs, now I trust them more lmao

@continuation this is why we need to take back the web from these big companies who put profit way before user experience

@continuation Noticed. Been going on for a couple decades now, at an exponentially increasing rate.

@continuation it's sort of like some post-apocalyptic setting except instead of rubble we have dead links


One thing I've noticed is that people routinely share paywalled links (particularly Washington Post), seemingly having forgotten that they paid WP to see the article, and the rest of us might not want to.

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