I better head off to the store. Need a couple of things. I'll do it now and then can spend the weekend at home.

Like Quasimodo training a new guy. He tells the newbie that the first time he uses the bell, he needs to use his head. The guy does, and falls out of the bell tower dead. The local lawman asked Quasi if he recognized the guy. Quasi says, "His face rings a bell." ;)

I'm glad I'm moving away from a bank I deal with. They've gone to wanting 2FA for EVERY login now. Not sure why. Just waiting for the new bank to get Visa Debit up and running.

It's winter here. At 5AM, it was 9℃. BRRRRR!!!!

The whole thing had to do with him being annoyed that guys would cut the sleeves off a tee shirt. All the better to smell one's BO. 😱

He did use more "colourful" language to do with the pussy. 😊

I'm checking out an app called Whalebird. I'm not sure I like it. It doesn't show the 3 columns like on the web. I'll mess with it some more.

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I turned off a fan since it wasn't needed. It sure is quite in here, even with a window open.

An item I ordered arrived yesterday. It took 3 weeks to go about 600km (400 miles). An item from Asia took 10 days to get to Canada. What's wrong with this picture?

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One of my Kiwi friends sent me this and I had to laugh!

I found that with booting from USB, sometimes one needs to set the BIOS to legacy or the machine boots as usual.

I wonder what kind of response I'll get from Proton. They're on the way out for me. I asked about something and they wanted a screen shot. I told them not to worry about it since I'll be gone soon. I also mentioned I'd cancelled the subscription.

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I stopped by my local herbalist yesterday. I tried emptying one container and nothing came out (all buds). After getting the contents out, there was one monstrous bud in there. It was the biggest one I'd ever seen, and looked like a nice Christmas tree.
Yes, it's legal nationwide here.
According to my bank, I stopped at either a health and beauty place or a drug store/pharmacy.

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@opensuse would like YOU to join our friends from @fedora, us and all the open-source enthusiasts who will be attending #NestWithFedora today through Sunday for some great #techtalks. Check out the terrific schedule hopin.to/events/nest-with-fedo

I was watching an episode of Planet Earth the other day. It had to do with deserts. According to the show, in parts of Australia, surface temperatures during the summer can get up to 70℃.

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