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Hans Kristian Gaarder, 60, a Norwegian conspiracy theorist, who believed #covid was a hoax, has died from the virus just days after hosting two illegal gatherings at his property.

When I lived in Poland and still was on Facebook, some mums were organising "pox parties" which was a very dumb way to expose their children to chickenpox. I guess Gaarder tried the same with Covid... 🤔

30°C and high humidity and weird clouds

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@owl @rysiek @Br0m3x In Belgium, they don't have the problem of OCD phone upgrades that are consumer-driven. If you look around there, you'll see people using phones so old that the finish has worn off the plastic so the milky colored plastic is showing, and that's a good thing.

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@Br0m3x @rysiek @owl The OCD phone upgrading disease that inflicts many Americans is separate problem, which happens to hide the problem of designed obsolescence. Belgium solved the OCD consumption problem by banning the practice of locking phones to plans (which encourages ppl to upgrade needlessly at the end of their contracts).

the finish on the dial is interesting. It does not look like it was painted in a traditional way, and notice how the blue faded away but the indexes are not affected.

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Kto rano wstaje temu latający potwór spaghetti daje.

It is 29 degrees C. Well, today we should have at the pick 32 and tomorrow 35. I guess the summer is coming already.

I just finished preparing a package of old clothes for a donation. Mainly old shirts and a jacket. Most of these things do not fit me (beauty of buying slim fit, never again), anymore but is almost new.

Wiele osób uważa, że pelargonie kwitną maksymalnie dwa sezony. Te tutaj są już przynajmniej trzy (ale myślę, że znacznie dłużej)

to Romeo and Juliet, Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Berlin Philharmonic)

Czas na trening. Dysputy kulturowo-językowe niestety będzie trzeba odłożyć na inny dzień.

Mamy cities in Europe are full concrete. In Israel the approach seems different (at least old parts of the cities). Trees and benches are everywhere. One provides shade and the second an opportunity talk with your neighbors.

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