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I am, in order:

① a font engineer;
  the Modular Font Editor I hope to build—MFEK—is what I consider my life's ultimate work. I made my first libre font in 2006 aged 13.
② a Wikipedia editor;
  find me at [[User:Psiĥedelisto]]! I wrote the page about my disability, [[osteogenesis imperfecta]].
③ a Unicode contributor;
  my accepted characters include ᜍ, TAGALOG LETTER RA, and all of Kana Extended-B.
④ a green raccoon; and most of all
  (eek, a furry!)
⑤ pleased to meet you! (1/2)

Firefox Mobile has a pretty serious bug, when you right click and save an image it sends a new request.

I'm trying to get them to fix it. I've had to resort to a bit of humor.

> This issue is serious even if users (including me—"does the furry go on Pixiv"—does the raccoon shit in the woods?) are only seeing it because they go on the weird Japanese cartoon porn site does not mean that the bug only affects Pixiv…"let God be true and every man a liar"

@neet no it's not the same. saying Mastodon == Pleroma is like saying Twitter == Facebook

by having a lower content limit, and by interpreting subject as CW, and by having a more Twitter-like UI, Mastodon taps into people's norms about what belongs here and also creates a different experience

i feel like Pleroma-cross-instancers kinda cheat cuz they can post 5000 chars and i only 500, but it's ok lol

@neet totally disagree about pleroma in general having way less trash. all of my harassment has come from pleroma instances. already gotten 2 death threats from them.

pleroma's like a chan all right, but not in a good way.

of course, many of its instances are awesome and have cool people, but all i can say is no one has harassed me yet via a Mastodon instance, and that's a data point.

i like Mastodon more, it's like Twitter.

one of the best things about fat male characters is you can pose them in so many ways nude and they can still have no privates showing

this is only Questionable therefore

fatpeoplehate etc→
"haha you can't see ur dick w/o mirror bcuz ur fat. owned fatty"
me 😎 →
"it's a feature, not a bug."

@neet sure have. but i like things this way, a bit. i can post furry NSFW here on mastodon, no censor bar.

i can post different content to both places, and be reachable both places for questions.

idk, it's an ongoing experiment and i may some day.

nude furry who is fat and male (my sona lol) 


copypaste (shitposting)

artist: (via, gig "I will draw bara furry sfw or nsfw art")

I like Mastodon as trolls actually suffer consequences in terms of isolation for e.g. their spewing of hate speech, while on Twitter they just make new accounts.

Reported another domain that wasn't filtered on this instance to @Gargron, oh and to DigitalOcean for good measure as he's breaking their AUP too. Its admin decided to fuck around and find out.

Gargron's gonna get sick of me emailing I'm sure. Sorry!

DeepL's Spanish language understanding AI has learned that mojibake often appears!

My finally chosen translation was "Para que no te quede ni la menor duda" but I found this very funny!!

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I use a lot to translate because it's far superior to Google Translate for many language pairs. (English→Russian, English→Japanese)

Some pairs are at par or inferior (English→Spanish) but I enoy ease of editing as I speak Spanish.

Notice anything?

We of course know as network administrators that some registrars are more highly correlated with abuse than others.

Ditto for some (g)TLDs.

.ru, .top, .cc, and any of the spammy gTLDs administered by Donuts, Inc.—these are all *a bit more* likely to be bad instances.

Not as likely as network, but it's still an indicator that could be acted upon intelligently.

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There would of course be false positives.

All spam filters create false positives.

Another tactic I suggest is holding based on _registrar_ and _gTLD administrator_.

Consider 8kun. It's on a dot-top domain.

Wikipedia [[.top]]:

> .top domains are often used for malware and phishing, and is included in the list of banned TLDs for some antimalware vendors such as Malwarebytes.² .top is blocked by default by Snort rules.³

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You can then instead shift from blacklisting probably bad instances to whitelisting them, just based on their ISP/ARIN contacts.

The first time you see an instance, or if an instance is suddenly talking much more to your instance, you can interrogate the WHOIS DB as to what network it's under, and automatically hold that instance.

Meanwhile for example AWS would not need this stringent control.

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I suggest this for multiple reasons, not the least of which is because I know it works.

Essentially, I argue, you can already know that an instance is *likely* to be abusive from its very ISP.

The AUP of "FranTech Solutions" (better known as BuyVM) proves this:

> We do our best to follow a Law of the Land stance when it comes to content hosted within our services.

(i.e. hate speech is legal in *wherever server is*, fuck you)

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I've decided to publicly post my Mastodon cleanup advice, as it could help many instance admins. I was surprised @Gargron personally responded to my report, which is cool.

Mastodon moderation often requires a high degree of what I call "domain whack-a-mole". This is true in any federated network…

But the abusive networks don't change as often.

I suggest switching from blacklisting to whitelisting of known bad networks, such as the PONYNET-* networks of "FranTech Solutions" (SYNDI-5).

Just published:

Qanon [ˈkænən] itself is at stake:
The shifting doctrinal positions among Q subscribers

Please read if interested in the Watkins' failure to appreciate the importance of TSQ.

I actually have some suggestions to the admins of this instance regarding how to stop playing domain whack-a-mole, and I sent those onwards.

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death threat ss 

Please be advised that sending me abusive messages will at minimum lead to me seeking blocking of your freeze peach 🥶 🍑 instances from, a major instance.

I have already gotten blocked from here two instances.

At maximum, such as in the case of death threats as with the post below, I will follow it up with the ISP of your instance, so you may be risking your whole instance.

This is actually a benefit of my being on a major instance to its users.

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