I am, in order:

① a font engineer;
  the Modular Font Editor I hope to build—MFEK—is what I consider my life's ultimate work. I made my first libre font in 2006 aged 13.
② a Wikipedia editor;
  find me at [[User:Psiĥedelisto]]! I wrote the page about my disability, [[osteogenesis imperfecta]].
③ a Unicode contributor;
  my accepted characters include ᜍ, TAGALOG LETTER RA, and all of Kana Extended-B.
④ a green raccoon; and most of all
  (eek, a furry!)
⑤ pleased to meet you! (1/2)

I'm of course many other things besides—severely physically disabled for one.

I'm best well known online for having made 8chan's software/original (short-lived) domain in 2013.

I was a very different person then, and the internet was very different too.

Basically since April 2016 I've been an 8chan critic—first internally—and as of Q1 2019 as an external activist after the father–son Watkins dipshit duo allowed Christchurch shooter to use it for hours, & allowed the livestream.


My anti-8chan activism led me to lose a lot of what I used to know—my adopted country of six years, my then-wife, one of my pet Pomeranians, affordable medical care, among others—my response has been to vow to never go back into the proprietary software industry, and work on what has always been my real love—fonts and font editors.

So I now sponsor the grant-making charity called the Modular Font Editor K Foundation, Inc. foundation.mfek.org — other FOSS programmers welcome :)

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The furry art in this intro is by @pocketfurry@twitter.com. They draw all my stickers in this style, and are OK with my posting sketches as well—which I do do at times ^w^

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