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Castle on the Coast is a charming and fun retro 3D platformer collectathon. Pretty easy and friendly, with optional co-op to make things easier, but really very fun. Perhaps unpolished compared to similar games, but wonderful.

Ghoulboy is a pretty good classic Castlevania-style retro action platformer. Solid, challenging gameplay, good visuals with some neat options. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's good.

Dandara is beautiful, challenging, and plays like nothing else. Bouncing around with no regard for gravity can be tough to get used to, but it's incredible. Not for everyone, but this is a really good game.

Dave is an interesting and fun puzzle-platformer. The story is silly, the visuals are weird and interesting, and it has some neat mechanics. Not an amazing game, but pretty good. Cheap.

El Hijo is a great, non-violent stealth game. A spaghetti western tale of a 6-year-old boy on a journey to save his mother. A bit finicky at times, but still really good.

The Adventure Pals is an exciting, cartoony action/adventure platformer clearly influenced by Banjo-Kazooie. It's bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Very fun.

GoNNER is a quirky and tough action-platformer roguelite with unique style. Great visuals and some unusual mechanics. Chase that high score and don't lose your head! Oh... you... already did. Well, better replace it.

GONNER2 doesn't shake the formula up too much. Same visual style, same basic gameplay, just adds some stuff. Most notable difference is the addition of co-op. Just a very solid sequel.

Pig Eat Ball is a really unique arcade/adventure game somewhat in the vein of Pac-Man. Weird and gross, eat the balls and don't barf them out...except when you have to. Power-ups, disguises, bosses, tons of levels, custom levels, this game is packed!

Comparisons are inevitable. Milli & Greg is not Celeste. It's smaller, simpler, humbler. But it's still a very good, challenging, pixel art precision platformer with air dash. Oh, and it's also cute.

Moon Raider is a nice, challenging pixel art action-platformer. Gameplay is solid; though it does have a few awkward quirks, but it's really fun and it looks great.

Mighty Aphid is a companion game to Moon Raider, but it's smaller and simpler. Very old-school Megaman-ish, but easier. Not much, but it's good for what it is.

Archaica: The Path of Light is basically a whole game of those mirror and light puzzles you find in games like Zelda. Good puzzles, very atmospheric.

Deleveled is a minimalist puzzle-platformer with no jump button. Instead you control two squares that bounce off each other. Tons of creative and challenging levels built around momentum and synchronization.

The Long Return is a very pretty puzzle-adventure game. It's fairly easy, but still fun, and there's some nice exploration and extra stuff to find. And it just looks great.

The Bug Butcher is basically a Pang (aka Buster Bros.) clone, but it does plenty to distinguish itself. Over the top action, a variety of power-ups and options, gross aliens to kill. It's a lot of fun.

A Monster's Expedition is an absolutely delightful masterpiece from Draknek and Friends. A creative puzzle game with a wonderful world to explore, things to discover, and puzzles of a range of difficulty.

Bonfire Peaks, from Corey Martin (published by Draknek!), is fantastic. Wonderful, unique, challenging puzzles built around a fascinating theme. Poignant, atmospheric, beautiful. DLC coming soon!

Red Ronin is a bloody, exciting, tactical, tilt maze, action game. Yes, it's something of a hodgepodge, which is both a strength and a weakness. Turn-based, except when it's not. Has some interesting twists.

Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes is an incredibly unique pinball game mashup that integrates defense and roguelite elements. Mow down zombies with your ball and a variety of heroes and powers. A lot of fun.

Gato Roboto is a wonderful and silly, stylish and unique metroidvania about a kitty in a mech. The story is fun, the visuals are great, and the game is a nice challenge.

BTW, the developers of Gato Roboto are working on a new game. Check out Gunbrella, it looks good!

Mushroom Heroes is a puzzle-platformer inspired by the classic Lost Vikings. Just like in the SNES game, you control three characters with different abilities and must use them all to reach the end of the level. Not very original, but fun and interesting.

Camera Obscura is a nifty puzzle-platformer. The graphics are kinda simple aside from the heroine, but they work. And the "afterimage" mechanic is inventive and fun. Very cheap.

Eastshade is brilliant and breathtaking. An incredibly unique idea executed well. Become a traveling artist! The world is so unique, detailed, and interesting. Just amazing.

Set in the same universe, but much smaller and shorter, the developers behind Eastshade also made Leaving Lyndow. It's so good. A unique, undramatic, touching story about leaving home. The world-building is impressive.

Oh, and the developers of Eastshade are working on a new game. Check out Songs of Glimmerwick, an incredible RPG set at a witch academy where music is magic, literally!

Townscaper is a delightful little toy. Build a town on the sea. Simple and intuitive, but creates beautiful results. Not much depth, and it's not a game, but it is very charming.

DARQ is a spooky and surreal adventure through nightmares. Despite the gravity shifting, this game has more in common with Point & Clicks than platformers. Lots of exploration and finding the right items to use in creative puzzles.

Merry Glade, from Anatoliy Loginovskikh, is a weird, gruesome game that does a lot of strange things. Simple controls, but very challenging. Nothing else like it. Cheap.

Anatoliy Loginovskikh's Mushroom Cats is an extremely short but charming free game about finding and giving hats to cats. Easy and family-friendly. The sequel, however, expands things a bit and is currently on sale.

Momonga Pinball Adventures is a pinball/action-adventure game hybrid. The gameplay is a little clunky at times (there are certainly better pinball games out there), but it's fun, unique, and very cute.

A Hole New World is a challenging retro action-platformer. Jump in holes to explore the evil upside-down world, and fight tons of monsters in both worlds with your magic potions. Mostly straightforward, solid gameplay.

Catlateral Damage is a silly first-person cat destruction sim. Scurry around the house and knock over as much as you can. With loads to discover and unlock, plus procedurally generated houses, this has tons of replay value.

Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered is the definitive version of the silly first-person cat destruction sim. With improved graphics, new cat photos, new tasks, various improvements & more.

Shady Part of Me is a beautiful adventure platformer. The split gameplay between the girl and her shadow is well-executed, even if it isn't particularly unique or interesting. And the presentation of the game is superb.

Hob is an epic and enthralling Zelda-like where the world changes as much as you do. A wordless but engaging story about technology and nature. Fantastic visuals, a strange dynamic world to explore.


@shietka I actually bought this one ... but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out the mechanics of the game, or how to progress past even the most basic part of the start/tutorial? I felt stupid for not grokking it... perhaps I'll give it a go again at some point.

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@coryscalhoun it's really good. it's really cool how you find all these mechanisms and stuff and totally reshape the area; like redirecting water or making a whole region rise up from the abyss. it is obtuse at times. seems kinda intentional.

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