Playing with Dall-E Mini and wound up with a (nine of them, actually)

Made a Mad Lib-style thing a few years ago. Well, something disguised as a Mad Lib. I'll understand if you want to unfollow me after reading it all the way through. :)

Today in math trivia:

Not only is 268,435,179 a pandigital (it contains all digits 1-9)...

But! That number equals:
-248 + 4^((3x5) - (1^7)) + 9

...which, as you can see, has ALL the same digits, in the SAME order.

Source: Numberphile

Just rewatched again. Nails the vibe of spooky quiet nights in a small town. Set in the 50s yet somehow eerily, wistfully nostalgic for a kid of the 80s.

Masterclass in low-budget, low-scope acting, direction, writing and cinematography. Long single takes that relay captivating tales, evoking the thrill of vivid radio drama. Please do check it out.

When I envision when I hear the name of the cholesterol-managing drug :

From , I give you: bonkers fake screenshots of the end credits to "Columbo" episodes. The names and roles *feel* like they're from 1970s American TV shows ... but aren't ... but are still spot-on? Right up there with 's "college football" bits in the "uncanny hilarity" department.

One Universe In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Was Named After A Comic Book Legend [Exclusive]


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