The posts remind me of pre-internet (and still in use) ‘friendship books’ that people sent to their pen pals. Each person who got the book would list their interests, and also look through the book at other peoples lists, to find new pen pals, then send it along to a different person. When the book was full of possible pen pals, the last ‘signer’ mailed it back to the person who made it, closing the loop.

Practicing writing loglines leads to some terrible screenplay ideas:
"When a tabloid story ruins a young starlet's first good relationship, she vows to get revenge by giving them more than they could ever want," in the new hit by Crash Solo: "PUNISHMENT FOR GLUTTON"

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Here is the tl;dr for the #newbies about #Mastodon terms:

Toot = a post (or 'tweet')
Boost = re-sharing content (or 'retweet')
Favourite = liking or bookmarking something (or a 'star')
CW = content warning (basically self-censoring a post)
Instance = a version of Mastodon (like a Discord server or Reddit subreddit)

Remember 2 things:

1. if you don't like the way an instance is governed, you can always choose another
2. The internet isn't the be-all of life. Go outside & enjoy the sunshine


Saw a on Nantucket island. Starting salary seemed pretty good until I looked at housing. The least expensive house for sale on the island is 1.5 million and looks like a on

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To all within the sound of my toot. I am looking for an artist to take a commission for a character drawing. I have seem a few people offer commissions on here but I have not seen one in a few weeks so I was hoping someone could point me in a direction.

Thank you so much

Boosts are very much appreciated

Also, I really like trying different ginger ales and ginger beers. This one is my current fav

hi! I’m interested in libraries, writing of all kinds, games of all kinds. I’m new to Mastodon, so I’m not sure how I will proceed from here. Should I be looking for a smaller community here or just stick with what I’ve got for now?


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