If that millionaire really believed free speech, he wouldn't have wanted to unban the former US president. Free speech=/=hate speech

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Good morning friends, this server is once again suffering under a heavy load of traffic and I am once again working on making it work better. Please be patient :tiredcat:

Let's give an

I'm a 21 (almost) year old non-binary person from Antalya, Turkey.

Currently majoring in English Language & Literature at Süleyman Demirel University.

Into in metal music, pro wrestling, indie gaming, esports and such.

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I remember one of the things that motivated me to look into the state of decentralized social media (and ultimately begin working on Mastodon) in 2016 were talks that a controversial billionaire might buy Twitter.

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Hi! mastodon.social is being slow right now, as far as I can tell because there's twice as many people using it at the same time as ever have; I'm working on making it go fast again, but in the meantime, do remember to invite people to joinmastodon.org instead of directly to mastodon.social. People don't have to be on the same server to follow you! Thanks!


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