Want boys and men to stop trying to talk to me but only the specific ones I dislike


Not to gender-reveal, but like…

You know that specific type of guy where at least three of them have come up to you randomly to try and form a friendship but they’re the type of guy where it makes you wonder, “is he only talking to me because I /look/ like I would take pity on him and be polite, as opposed to, perhaps, a girl who seems confident? Is this happening because of my plain clothes and bad posture, of all things?”

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a singular F-word 

Today’s guy was very smooth and casual about it, and I can appreciate that, but also I could see him tailing me in the store for a good 10 minutes.

(Maybe it would have been cute if he was cute. Maybe I’m extremely superficial. But also, fuck that noise.)

Next time a guy I don’t know starts trying to chat I am going to have to interrupt him and tell him up front I am not his target audience

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