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JSON is just uglier XML

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Any person within 100 miles of a border is subject to arbitrary removal by the executive with now even less resources to appeal. Fun times ahead when someone else heads that branch of government.

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That Patel v. Garland decision is some Nazi shit. So much for "checks and balances...."

Trying to get my wife's laptop to work on linux. I found this nice database: The logo is pretty close to the face im making.

I'm taking apart the firmware in some old HP piece of gear. It has a whole little 8088 system just for controlling the floppy drive. It's been fun to poke around with ghidra.

I hate buying more microcontroller dev tools. why do they all have to be locked into some manufacturer? they all do the same shit.

3yo drew a bee today and when I said "that's a really good bee!" he said "it's not really a bee, it's just a picture". alright, calm down there rene magritte

Insides... I modified the pump by adding a nipple to the intake (effectively turning it into a vacuum pump). Also used the existing solenoid relief valve to break the vacuum when the pump is turned off.

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Turned an old broken blood pressure monitor into a wireless vacuum pickup tool.

concluding all my incident reports with "root cause: 'out of such crooked timber as humanity is made from, nothing quite straight can be built.'"

Tired: Not disclosing components used in circuit to protect IP.
Wired: Not disclosing components used in circuit to not get beaten to the punch of buying them.

It's so crazy how this machine (dehumidifier) pulled literal gallons of water out of the air in just a couple of hours.

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