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This is an excellent video on making window sashes

There's a lot of imperial measurements in here, but the steps are very clear. I may do something similar for my cabin windows

This is a pretty nice overview of an ice fishing shanty

Incidentally, almost the same size as my original solar power shed before plans changed. It's a basic shelter that could also double as something to get into if you get caught in heavy rain or snow. There's just enough space in there for a tiny wood stove

For the past year or so, I've been trying to find ways to build my wood stove at home. It's been a challenge since I can't secure a welder (although a borrowed one I used for a while was promising)

When I do build my cabin, I'd like it to be available since I expected to start in Spring (not this year due to pandemic etc...) and finish by first snowfall. It's would be nice to have a stove ready to go by then

There's a bit of space controversy among builders about inward vs. outward opening casement windows. I'm a fan of inward opening windows because it lets the shutter fully close the opening and makes the exterior easier to reach for cleaning

The down side is they take up more interior space (unless you leave room to the side)

Double hung windows are OK for their purpose, but they reduce the overall opening for air circulation

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If I was putting up a window on cabin from scratch right now, this is the style I'd choose

It's simple, very easy to build, and does the job of protecting the glass extremely well in severe weather. Including debris strikes in strong winds, which many other designs don't do

Remember to build eaves on your roofs, kids. Short eave designs are very stylish, but they shorten the lifespan of your exterior walls since there's less protection for them from the elements

The only thing I would change from a typical cabin roof is the use of trusses. They add strength, but at the cost of storage space in the roof/attic. I would still use rafters for an open layout

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Basic template for a dovetail join for a log cabin

It only looks complicated, but the geometry is very simple and easy to duplicate as many times as needed

The one on the left is the lowest log set on the foundation. A mirror image of this is used on the topmost log holding up the roof

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While I'm swimming across the various instances, I thought I should emphasize the importance of dovetail joints on log cabins

Teahouses are so dang cozy

If I have the budget, I'm half tempted to make one just to go inside and do nothing but stare at snow. I may not have tea, but coffee would work fine too

Yes, hello

It's been a super long time since I logged into .online

Because er... reasons

Forgot to post to this profile after coming back to the Internet


Minus digging the ground to install the skids/rails, this is very similar to how I'll be framing my cabin foundation. I'll have another skid in the middle for additional stability and I'll have treated plywood between the foundation and the skids

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