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Planting potatoes

This is an interesting take on the process. I'm impressed by the sheer variety of potatoes being planted

While I'm not sure of the long-term viability of them, these "snap-on" urine diverters may work if I'm just using a 5-gallon bucket as the composting toilet base

These are available for sale on eBay from various producers and they come in different styles

It's generally a good idea to separate solids and liquids when composting because the liquids, ironically, are easier to deal with

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This is a pretty interesting layout for a small toilet. The toilet itself may be a bit too close to the shower, but if I move it back a little, I think it will work well as a combination composting toilet and shower setup

I don't know if my own cabin design will use something like this or whether I'll stick to just having the composting toilet in the main cabin and shower outside

I haven't found the original source for this image because Pinterest is evil

On second thought, I really should consider hydraulic actuators if I'm ever going to build a digger. The electrical actuators are good, but the fast ones are very expensive. Even with maintenance, I think hydraulics will be much cheaper for a good while unless fast and powerful electrical actuators really come down in price

This has some good hints on living on land in a temporary structure while getting your main permanent structure gets built. I'll probably be living in a much smaller tent while my cabin is getting built. Because my cabin design is so small, it will get built relatively quickly

This is a pretty nifty build of a sawhorse. This is probably the first thing I build for myself when I'm ready to build my cabin

This is a typical I-beam design that's easy to make from 2x4 and a little bit of plywood

Reminder: It's important to make sure your wood stove doesn't have raging fire before going to bed. When it's down to coals and you've turned down the dampers is it safe. Even then, a carbon monoxide sensor is highly recommended

I don't remember where I originally found this shoji style table. I don't know if my cabin will have tables actually. In my experience, any flat surface tends to accumulate junk so I'm weary of them. But it might be fun to have little pieces with this aesthetic

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