This is a pretty neat folding/collapsing staircase design. I'm not sure how durable it will be with long term use, but it's definitely more compact and easy to deploy than pull-down types or just plain ladders

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@cypnk That's fucking awesome! That'd be great for a Tiny House.

@djsumdog Indeed. And I'd say a lot safer than the ladders most folks are currently using

@cypnk I just hope nobody walks under it while someone opens it out from upstairs. :blobnervous2:

@Jo Oh yikes! Might need one of those tone generators when a truck is reversing (and open a *lot* more slowly)

@cypnk That is indeed a pretty cool concept. I bet it would work well for those folks that have those Tiny homes as well.

@cypnk I am glad I found this art once again. Thank you very much for saving this for me!

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