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is a core value of the project and, as a member of the community, I take the very seriously.

It is the first step a project can make to declare that all under represented groups are welcome. And it is specially important when they are still in their bootstrap phase.

@cj while reading the (awesome) -fed documentation, I noticed a typo and was about to submit a pull request to s/then then/then/. High value contribution, I know 😜

But it appears the repository with the website content does not have that typo ... which means the content of is either behind or ahead. 😔

Which is it?

@cj the certificate for expired a few weeks ago. I volunteer to co-maintain the website to resolve that kind of outage quicker.

@fedeproxy monthly update is 📆 September 18th, 10:30am UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Diversity
* Collaboration with and
* Communication
* Transparency and funding

Do you have one hour to spare to improve linguistic diversity on Monday October 18th, 2021 at 10:30am UTC+2 Paris/Berlin? Your participation to a videoconference will make a difference!

The @fedeproxy project is running its first monthly conference with simultaneous translation from French 🇫🇷 to English 🇬🇧 . If it works out, it will likely be extended to Chinese 🇨🇳. Please help 🙏

@gitea @sl007 @sum

Maybe you can split some part off of the core of activities into a new project.

NGI0 --> Federated Gitea

DAPSI --> Extending, productizing federation, future roadmap prep

With a research component, UX study, ForgeFed v1.x, other vocabs, FedeProxy interop.

"How does federation support revolutionize what we can offer in terms of Unified Software Development paradigm?"

@humanetech @sl007 @sum
looking at DAPSI application, it has the following warning: "By ticking this box, I confirm the applicant(s) has not received funding for a similar project and that the applicant(s) has enough Operational Capacity to carry out the work. In addition, the applicant(s) gives consent to DAPSI consortium to share the needed information with other NGI RIAs projects for the only purpose of cross-check that there is not double funding or operational capacity conflict."

@humanetech @sl007 @sum we've applied for the NLnet grant, so I'm not sure if we are allowed to apply to both for the same thing.

@gitea @fedeproxy @dachary

I consider this one of the most important developments on the #Fediverse and a huge opportunity for #Gitea (and other forges to follow) to distinguish themselves from walled garden platforms in unique ways.

Hereby also calling out to all fedizens to imagine how to become part of a new #foss ecosystem that opens up. It goes way beyond the planned MVP implementation, and a new paradigm is within our grasp.

Some inspiration here on #SocialHub

Gitea (nightly edition) now has nodeinfo support. One (very tiny) step towards full federation. Thanks to @techknowlogick, @dachary @fedeproxy (and many others) for making this happen!

Today also (coincidentally) happened to be the day of the submission of the NLnet grant application for work on federation.

These are indeed very exciting times, and we are very proud and thankful of the community surrounding Gitea.

@cj today a grant application for implementing ActivityPub with go-fed will be sent. If you support that effort, it would greatly help to say so publicly. Reviewers are sensitive to public support 😉

Even a 👍 on the issue helps!

@gitea has joined fediverse. They are in the planning phase of adding federation to Gitea. Does this mean we will be able to file issues, pull-requests and follow repositories in other Gitea instances? We will see.

گیتی به فدیورس پیوست. در توییتر نوشته‌اند که می‌خواهند فدریشن را به گیتی بیاورند. آیا این به این معنی خواهد بود که توسعه‌دهندگان امکان فایل کردن issue، ارسال pull request و فالو کردن رپوزیتوری در سایر اینستانس‌های گیتی را در آینده خواهند داشت؟ به زودی خواهیم دید.

@cinebox We are applying for a grant to be able to implement federation. Some beginning work prior to the grant has also been sponsored by @fedeproxy to have some foundational components ready if we are accepted by the grant. (Big shoutout to fedeproxy team for championing this grant writing process)

@dachary how about connecting your blog to the fediverse through something like ?

I am considering to setup something like but I guess that does not make sense to you with an existing well-working and designed blog ;)


> hypothetical federated git platform

In the discussion to the #poll I saw no one mentioning @fedeproxy which is intent on getting rid of the "hypothetical" and looking to building an inclusive community of fedizens to help with that.

They'll probably use a combination of #ActivityPub #ForgeFed and #dvcs protocols to federate between code forges. was a driving force to get #Gitea to build federation.


In the context of @fedeproxy , I'm looking into the idea of having simultaneous translation during the monthly meetings in order to address the language barrier. It would improve the of participants.

Any suggestions on where to find freelance simultaneous translation services? Boost appreciated!

@fedeproxy monthly update is 📆 September 15th, 3:30pm UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Diversity
* Collaboration with and
* Communication
* Transparency and funding
* Horizontality

@humanetech @aral @dachary GitLab already integrated CodeSandbox, this is GitHub catching up.
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