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is a core value of the project and, as a member of the community, I take the very seriously.

It is the first step a project can make to declare that all under represented groups are welcome. And it is specially important when they are still in their bootstrap phase.

Yes, @sakkara, and it’s called git-send-email. Linux, PostgreSQL are some popular projects that follow this federation model. More recently there’s also which integrates CI/CD with mailing lists and enables normal developers to enjoy modern workflows while does not try to lock in contributors.

GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitea, etc. however invent their own mechanisms where Git’s role is barely a Merkle DAG storage. @dachary is working on @fedeproxy to work around this by applying ActivityPub (among other things) on top of those services though.

@fedeproxy monthly update is 📆 July 29th, 5:30pm UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Diversity
* Software Development
* Collaboration with and
* Communication
* Transparency and funding

@dachary not using stackedit.. just got the notification based on an old comment and triggered by keywords: gitea, sync, auth, git :D

@dachary, I am only aware of and, the former is used by a private company and the latter only has the CI service.

@dachary and @aw, SourceHut also federated through emails and RSS, but it’s a nightmare to set up for self-hosting until more documentation is written

@resist1984 @dachary Interesting, but I'd imagine there's a lot of selection bias in that poll. Regardless, ideologically I'm on board, I am in the process of moving my projects to a self-hosting service I wrote:

@dachary @aw Stats show that putting your project on MS #Github *reduces* participation: Also, there is chatter about shaming Github projects in the #FSF Directory, and I hope it reaches that point.

@dachary I was trying to answer the question "has anyone written a finger client in Rust?" and searched github, Google, and for finger rust or finger client rust. finding nothing, I wrote my own:

@dachary That would be an interesting study, but I for example use github search or a google search with "github" pretty frequently, and I think many others do as well

@dachary It's not really a "forge" in a traditional sense, just a set of tools that make it easy to self host git + a mailing list. It'll be federated via email and RSS, but I could support read-only activitypub as well. both services will be read-only / pull based for simplicity of self hosting.


Hi all! I'm a software dev based in San Francisco. I'm into Gemini, decentralization, and software minimalism and I'm the admin/developer for (gemini://

Currently working on a couple of projects related to self-hosting git:

I look forward to being a part of Merveilles!

Agh, I need to see about having #GitLab and #IndieAuth because having to make an account for each #GitLab instance is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of federation.

I built git and ssh  servers that are federated, for example you can use git over ssh with your mastodon account.

but have have not worked on a web front-end. It will be interesting to see how they handle federation.

@humanetech Ok, makes sense! I'm not seeking paid work at the moment so I'm more active on smaller volunteer projects I can squeeze in here & there... I've also never tried gitea fwiw!

@liaizon @dachary @cj

@hecanjog @liaizon

There are very little people with Go experience and knowledgable with ActivityPub too (the fedi dev community is but tiny). If you are interested I'd just have a chat with @dachary and @cj

Also the #gofed libraries make a bunch of the heavy #activitypub lifting a lot easier, and there are other federated #golang projects to get inspiration from.

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