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Both @codeberg and @hostea should be able to provide insights on this. Codeberg offers #Woodpecker based CI (open fork of drone.io).

#Hostea may be thinking something similar. Might ask @dachary or @realaravinth

Yep, but we'll have to improve some aspects of the libraries. The actual mechanism of federating is not really highly tested.

If you can, take a look at what's available and come up with some usage cases you're interested in. You can message the mailing list: ~mariusor/activitypub-go@lists.sr.ht

I can't promise when I'll hop on matrix to talk about this, the mailing list can probably be a quicker way to keep track of things.

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Yes, there is some functionality using reflect, but I wouldn't say the package "relies" on it. :P

There are some special cases that weren't covered by the usage of type conversions using unsafe.Pointer. (And I would say this could be one of the main "icky" ABI issues go-ap has, it relies on types' memory layout to allow a weak kind of polymorphism.) When that fails it uses reflect (which shouldn't happen). I haven't looked too deep if generics could help this particular use case.

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But with some extra custom code on top it will ;p

Think there's a nice opportunity to get some contributions and facilitate the various use cases in ways where everyone is moving ahead faster. Nice!

@dachary I haven't really been advertising as the packages are not entirely ready to be widely used. I am interested in having other points of view on how the APIs look, and I would gladly accept contributions to get them closer to feature completion.

To see the basic usage you can take a look at the reference application: github.com/go-ap/fedbox

However I think the biggest hurdle for you is that go-activitypub doesn't support custom AP vocab. :D

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Hi @mariusor

I just posted to @forgefriends forum, relating to some investigation that has been done on the use of #GoFed for @gitea forge federation.

Outcome is that compilation size is an issue, and that other solutions need to be investigated. So I thought of #GoAP libraries you are working on. I don't know specifics, but wanted to give you a heads up. I mentioned you in:


There's a matrix chat channel for federation at:


Imagine a world.. 🌈

Where it wasn't about #Github this and Github that, Github before and after. Like Github was some kind of foundational technology instead of a #BigTech operated de-facto walled garden that sucks in development efforts like a black hole. Event horizon blinding us to so much else. Gravitational lensing warping the star map like crazy..

In our federated universe we are building wormholes now, to escape 🛸

Check @forgefriends, #ForgeFlux and @gitea at:


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It would be nice if the forgefed standart could be developed under the same name at a new location.

If I remember correctly you point out you had spare time for it.
So here is the initiative to move maintinance into new hands :)


@dachary wonderful, I'll ask zPlus to make sure he's ok with this too :) also I'd like to have clarity: what sort of changes would you like to make? Do you intend to further develop the spec? Or just update the project status and add a link to ForgeFriends where the work continues? Or something else?

@forgefriends monthly update is 📆 April 22nd 5pm UTC+2 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Diversity
* Collaboration with , , ,
* Transparency and funding


@dachary Yes. If there are any resources you wish to edit/maintain, such as website or forum, let me know. Or perhaps better, ask zPlus or bill-auger on the #peers channel on Libera Chat (or the equivalent matrix room)

ok transition stories from gith*b to gitea, I'm lookin for em !/

@forgefriends monthly update is 📆 March 21st, 5pm UTC+1 and open to everyone.

* Software Development
* Infrastructure
* Diversity
* Collaboration with , , ..
* Transparency and funding


How can a software forge be committed to Free Software and respect its users expectations for privacy with their private repositories?

It is an important topic in the context of and it took me a while to figure it out.

Spoiler: By choosing to limit private repositories based on quantitative measures, a software forge can effectively be committed to Free Software while being respectful of the privacy of its users.

Read more @forgefriends


@PrototypeFund announced its financial support to the development of @gitea . 🎉

Very much looking forward to working with @KN4CK3R who will lead this effort. It is a great opportunity for the advancement of @forgefriends


@codeberg when someone uses too much disk, bandwidth or has private repositories, they could move to a private instance that they pay on a monthly basis.

It would solve the delicate problem of content moderation: this instance would be under their responsibility, legally. And codeberg would only need to pass along take down notices. In the same way Hetzner does. No need to look at the content.

I thought about this because it fits with 🙂


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