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Congratulations !
I think GitLab is a good move because it has nice UI, full features, and it's self-hostable.

I wouldn't bother with Github, it's proprietary and a moving target and they'll probably break whatever API hooks you use as soon as the project gets traction.


#heptpapod @heptapod (friendly fork of #gitlab with support for mercurial)

After that (in order) : gitlab, gogs, gitea.

A few negative experiences with phabricator & sourcehut.

We have found and fedeproxy.eu is starting 🚀

Our project team is *very* motivated to do the right thing, and we need your input and help 🙏

We'll offer @activitypub federation between to provide seamless interop between repo's wherever they are hosted.

1st question: What's your preferred forge?

Other (please respond)

Boosts appreciated!

what's your FOSS recommendation for #git or #github alternative?
#demicrosoft :git: #privacy #foss cc: @itsfoss

If one could add a mail address to a #github PR/issue that gets CC'ed on every comment, integrating a proper workflow (yes, #email!) would be a no-brainer.

@mauro, #SourceHut is amazingly convenient. It's CI/CD service is the number one coolest thing in the ecosystem I've seen so far! Whilst I moved all of my personal projects to sr.ht, some software I contribute to are still on GitHub and I contantly bug the maintainers to use builds.sr.ht as the/an additional CI (sometimes it works, e.g. for #Trio). SSH'ing into build machines, independant jobs and native images for most common distros are so overlooked.

/cc @celia

Okay, so I almost migrated all my projects that where on #GitLab to #Codeberg :codeberg:
It took me a while, but it feels so good not to depend of a capitalist platform.
If you want to check out my projects :
codeberg.org/twann :)

#gitea was hosted on Github, but had a clear plan on what milestones had to be passed for them to start self-hosting. Now they're migrating to gitea.com/gitea/gitea . Gitea is a productive environment in which to host your project. With @codeberg you even get #codeberg Pages.

Github was proprietary from the beginning, but after Microsoft's acquisition it has moved deeper into the Extend phase with Github CLI. They're aiming for the entire open source infrastructure to orbit around them. Don't help them move the free software and open source world in this direction. You don't actually need Github. They need you.
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Should I abandon #github in favor of running my own #gitea server, or is there another #git option entirely I'm not considering?

#MastoAdmin Does anyone know of good ways to schedule toots in advance? It seems the #Mastodon API has supported this for a long time but the webapp still does not.

Zap account migration options

Zap, Mistpark, Osada, Redmatrix, and Roadhouse: full data import, synchronisation with new content,  and nomadic identity

Hubzilla: full data import/migration, but not currently synchronised (possibly in the future). Not all of the available Hubzilla protocols and services are supported in Zap.

Friendica: Basic channel and profile import, attempt to re-connect with compatible connections. No content import currently (*).

Mastodon, Pleroma, Pixelfed and everything else: Attempt to connect to everybody in follower/following list and/or CSV export file via the "followlist" addon. No content import currently (*).

(*) This is on the roadmap for mid-2021.

@spiral @celia @alrs

The development of #gitea is going rapidly, and they are also excited to add federation support based on #forgefed + go-fed.org/ ..


I love to be on @codeberg and they have a great interaction with Gitea project.. some members in the dev team.

Very nice is that #codeberg - already having Codeberg Pages - is planning on adding custom domain support (something I'm really waiting for.. will get me off gh-pages):


As soon as you ditch The Big Three #git hosts (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket), you realize how difficult and/or inconvenient all modern tech tooling is.

We're not in a good shape.


You do **not** have a GitHub account👍 ? You are a Free Software 😍 developer? You figured out a way to contribute to a Free Software project hosted on GitHub? Please share your experience and pain points at forum.fedeproxy.eu/c/user-rese!

Great news for the fediverse and libre and free open source developers 🎉 : Pierre-Louis Bonicoli and Loïc Dachary got an grant from DAPSI (Data Portability and Services Incubator) part of NGI (European Commission’s Next Generation Internet) to work on federated software forges (understand #ActivityPub).

> Forge federation: the beginning of a 9 months journey


#fediverse #developerexperience #dx

A grant was approved to further forge federation for the fedeproxy project. It will fund the work of two people part time from May 1st to February 1st. Lurkers and participants are welcome fedeproxy.eu/blog/2021/03/31/d

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