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Great that you found #forgefriends :D

Even cooler is that an integration with #gitea has already started. Currently @dachary is working on a fork of Gitea and will merge upstream from there.

Can invite anyone - technical, non-technical doesn't matter - to join the forum.forgefriends.org community and help the project forward. Every tiny step helps this important initiative :D

Both #Gitea and #Forgefriends are doing all they can to open up a walled garden ecosystem where #OpenSource is increasingly captured in proprietary full-service platforms.

You know this, and we complain about it here on fedi. But too few people act! The "tragedy of the commons" is on all of us.

@gitea and Forgefriends ..

Not just techies can participate. #SocialCoding is for everyone 💞

Join the community now. Raise your voice. Write articles. Revamp the site. Brainstorm ideas.



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Fedizens, great news!

The #FedeProxy project which allows code #forges to interoperate on the #Fediverse is selected for the 2nd phase of the #NGI DAPSI program. The project has rebranded to forgefriends.org

#Forgefriends is both Community and #FOSS project on an important mission: To unite coders online, and make stronger bonds in the #FreeSoftware world and to the benefit of the #Commons.

@gitea is first in adding #federation code. They're your forge friend!

Your help is vital!


@dachary @forgefriends I’ll ask in our chat (we have several language specific channels, inclus une pour le langue francais), and I presume you’ve posted on our forum (if you haven’t, I can as well). Also I apologize for my kindergartener level French above 😆

Are you a native 🇨🇳 Chinese speaker software developer? One hour :clock: of your time will help , please :pray: reply.

@forgefriends needs you to improve the linguistic diversity during the next videoconference. The goal is to be more inviting to the vibrant Chinese community.

Boost appreciated!


@stevenroose @dachary @fedeproxy

#ForgeFriends allows one instance of #gitea to seamlessly interoperate with another instance via proxies.

@gitea is the first #forge that's adding #ActivityPub support. When in a later stage #Gitlab or #SourceHut join, then from your own Gitea account you participate in a gitlab repo. You don't need to leave your own environment, and the barrier to contribute elsewhere is significantly lower.

Note that this starts with issue tracking but can be much extended.

@dachary @humanetech @fedeproxy Thanks for linking to the discussion, I was too tired to see the double meaning. Now I love the name.

I love the "two merges about to shake hands" logo too.

@fedeproxy becomes @forgefriends ... because it is a name that better reflects the purpose of the project: bridging the gap between

If you're interested to know more about the idea and the process that led to this change, it's all there:


A round of applause to @humanetech who came up with this nice name 👏

It's today, 📆 5pm Paris time! One hour videoconference to learn and discuss ✨ How difficult can it be to break free from ?


Boost appreciated 🚀

is still a dream... but it's becoming a reality. Today is the @fedeproxy monthly update, open to everyone: join to share ideas and learn about the progress made in the past few weeks.

🇫🇷 Simultaneous translation from French to English will be available.

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I do like the idea of not having to master gitea just to use it, worry about updating, backups, etc, so there is clearly always an important role for things like codeberg. If federated gitea becomes more like mastodon, with instances formed around communities of common interests, that seems even better.

@tommi @forgefed @techknowlogick @yunohost @fedeproxy @codeberg @gitea @dachary

Not at all.Having a local instance is also useful to me for some things, and its not very hard to setup or maintain. Having lived at extended times with no connectivity at all, it is also a useful stand-by.

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