@cj I noticed only today and wanted to let you know that a proposal for forge federation was sent to DAPSI earlier this week. You'll the grant application and the discussions at

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@dachary Thanks for sharing the info, and reaching out! I'm glad you made the proposal. 😁 I personally made no proposal of my own, and haven't heard anything concrete from anyone else. Is there a way I could follow your work, should you receive the grant?

@cj Thanks for you support ! the work will happen at . I wish I discovered your work before making the proposal... You may be interested by the approach as described at I think it is complementary to your work on go-fed / gitea but I'd love to hear what you think, if you have the time.

@cj the grant was approved a few days ago and I'll publish a blog post similar to the first one every month. If you're interested in more details, it is 100% transparent (and noisy 😜 ) on the forum and the chat (links at Very much looking forward to use your work on that occasion!

@dachary Congrats! That's awesome. :) I'll need to take a look and check it out, the forums too. Also, if you need to reach me & have questions, an option (in addition to here) is a matrix room at

@cj would you agree to a one hour interview? It would be extremely useful for the User Research we're conducting now. The idea is to figure out what we should do instead of relying on our assumptions. If you don't have the time, maybe you know someone involved in the development of a forge software who would?

@dachary I'd be happy to schedule something. Additionally, other people involved with forge software and/or the vocabulary around it -- are (@) (source hut) and @fr33domlover and bill auger (forgefed)

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