We have found and is starting 🚀

Our project team is *very* motivated to do the right thing, and we need your input and help 🙏

We'll offer @activitypub federation between to provide seamless interop between repo's wherever they are hosted.

1st question: What's your preferred forge?

Other (please respond)

Boosts appreciated!

@activitypub here are the results of the @fedeproxy poll "What is your preferred forge?" , thanks to all participants ✨

GitLab (7)
Gitea (6)
SourceHut (4)
Fossil (2)
Heptapod (1)
Gogs (1)
GitHub (1)
FusionForge (1)

@dachary @activitypub Gitea and SourceHut (but I still have to use GitHub rather often)


#heptpapod @heptapod (friendly fork of #gitlab with support for mercurial)

After that (in order) : gitlab, gogs, gitea.

A few negative experiences with phabricator & sourcehut.

@echolib @activitypub the question was focused on the software rather than the hosting platform, reason why was mentionned instead of .

@dachary @activitypub
Congratulations !
I think GitLab is a good move because it has nice UI, full features, and it's self-hostable.

I wouldn't bother with Github, it's proprietary and a moving target and they'll probably break whatever API hooks you use as soon as the project gets traction.

@cjd @dachary Even assuming it's successful, whether to interoperate with a dominant competitor is a tricky call. It depends which direction one believes the gravitational pull will be.

Facebook managed to siphon users from MySpace, but they had a lot of resources to put into directing the flow.

@clacke @cjd Very well put. There is no way to predict how it will turn out 🔮 But it's worth a shot.

And for me it's a matter of survival as a Free Software developer.

I do not have a GitHub account for ethical reasons and I feel the pain daily 😅

@dachary While I see the differences in your approach, are you building on the @forgefed vocabulary? If not, why?

@resist1984 @dachary If there are many decent instances, doesn't that mean gitea would be the most valuable software to federate with?

@resist1984 @clacke @dachary

Of all code forges #gitea is most likely to be the first that implements native #forgefed support. The team members are excited about it.

See on Gitea where @cj elaborated the work that is needed:

And this mention on #codeberg where @6543 is a Gitea team member:

@humanetech @cj @dachary @clacke ah, just realized I gave a snap answer w/out knowing what is doing. Some of the work could be done by incorporating this tool: Periodically running "git bug bridge pull" would import the bug reports into git. From there, it would just be a matter of using a git command to get the new reports which could then feed Mastodon.

@resist1984 @cj @dachary @clacke

Agree, git-bug is very cool! I brought it to attention to the ForgeFed team in the past, as they are tracking all that is out there in terms of code forges.

@humanetech @resist1984 @clacke @dachary @cj

Yes it's on of the big things on my list, after this month i have some more time where I'll dedicate to write code :)

If somebody is working on gitea integration I wont hold them back either and will be here for Q&A :)


You have probably seen that there are some very interesting developments in this regard. See my other toot of yesterday:

@resist1984 @clacke @dachary @cj


Oh no didnt noticed, to les time and thousands of emails from github (i just delete them) ...

The grade to manage what mails you will recive in github is ... bad

Thabks for the ping

@dachary @activitypub by the way, this is fantastic news! Congrats! Is there a fedi account to follow on this?

@rysiek @activitypub Thanks :-) There is none at the moment but I think there should be one, indeed. @pilou Do you concur?

@dachary @activitypub @pilou no pressure, there is probably a million things you guys need to focus on. It's a nice-to-have.
Keep on rockin'!

@dachary Your about-article reads like I need an account on every server I want to federate with? If that’s true, what is the benefit of using fedeproxy?

Or does a fedeproxy-user create all the issues / PRs / etc. on the remote server? If that’s the case, isn’t that gonna be confusing if half of the participants in a conversation have the same username and avatar?

@tastytea when forges do not implement federation, a proxy needs a user on every federated forge, indeed. It could either be users that you happen to control because you already have accounts on all of them. Otherwise fedeproxy needs to create an account for this purpose. It would be confusing if multiple users are merged into a single one, you are correct. Fedeproxy will need to create a different account for every federated users. Does that sound sensible to you ?

@dachary I don’t think fedeproxy could create accounts automatically, because of captchas. So I would have to create the account manually. At this point I could just use the remote forge directly. I don’t see the benefit in creating an extra step.

@dachary @tastytea @dachary IMO the most relevant question dachary could ask is what forges are most hated considering the goal is to liberate data. And for that, I put as the most hated & most useless since we must solve a CAPTCHA just to read existing bug reports. is the most inaccessible forge of all forges even pretending to be "public". It's the max security prison of all prisons.

@tastytea @dachary If could get data out of that jail, it would have the greatest impact in terms of liberating inaccessible data.

@dachary @tastytea Since I can't file bug reports on, I find the corresponding pkg on Debian or Ubuntu bug trackers and file it there-- but then I get complaints because the bug should be reported upstream (where the pkg is jailed in github or Plz consider solving that problem with fedeproxy.

@resist1984 @tastytea This is exactly the kind of first hand testimony that demonstrate the problem that fedeproxy is trying to solve. Thank you! ✨

@resist1984 @dachary @tastytea

Personally I feel that #gitlab is also the most likely to be acquired by another #bigtech player in the future. It is too juicy for them to let this be out there as an independent product.

If this indeed happens, my bet is on Amazon, as an extension to their whole AWS shebang.

@humanetech @resist1984 @dachary @tastytea Yes, it's only a matter of time before Gitlab exits and merges with one of the BigTech companies.

But the planet-brain question is why we always become so dependent on these corporate intermediaries. Are our development tools not deficient if we always have to rely upon sites like Github/lab to collaborate on software?

Also, I don't think returning to mailing list workflows is viable. We need to be doing something better.

@bob @humanetech @resist1984 @tastytea On the bright side there is progress. Twenty years ago (SourceForge / Savannah time) the problem was different: self-hostable forge software was difficult to install and the user experience was not great. Today we can build on quality forge software, establish a federation and free ourselves from centralized services.

@tastytea @dachary

I think the benefit comes afterwards, as you don't have to remember to manually track a million remote repositories. Many of which you forget about after a while. You get to collaborate with them from your own forge, or check your #fedeproxy account to get an overview of anything you are interested in, with activity feeds, topic lists, etc. Many cool features are possible. It would be interesting to find a first MVP that offers an exciting first start. There's the challenge.


Github because I like git and for the social aspects and the good documentation and the nice UI

@dachary @activitypub I'd love to see more #Fossil in the wild, and Fossil integration would be really cool. I use it with many of my small scale personal projects.

I try to use #SourceHut as much as I can. The stripped-down nature of it is quite refreshing. Things always feel fast and snappy with it.

I mostly use #GitHub for eyeballs now. I hate to admit it, but it's still a very convenient way to collaborate and discover new projects.

@strypey @dachary what Secure Scuttlebutt do with their git-on-SSB idea is orthogonal, but interesting. Would you federate with a distributed code forge :-) ? Assuming there is enough user interest, that is.

I hope to understand one day why OpenPGP pubkeys (or X.509 certs) aren't a login ID for any service. Is it a technical no-go, or a UX no-go? It could make logins, even OAuth, obsolete, make Forgefed et al's job easier too.

@wyatwerp @strypey I would federate all the things, honestly :-) But as you point out it makes sense to create software improves what users do with the tools they currently have.

There is evidence that Free Software developers routinely cross reference issues (inserting URLs in commits messages or in issue comments) located on different forges. This is a heartbreaking case of federation done manually.

@fedeproxy should implement that first.

@dachary @activitypub Pagure for sure! Would love to see this get more love. Unlike the others, Pagure truly *gets* FOSS in a way I don't think others do, by making data fully open and migratable.

@Conan_Kudo @activitypub the poll results were updated with your answer, thank you 🙂

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