We have found and fedeproxy.eu is starting 🚀

Our project team is *very* motivated to do the right thing, and we need your input and help 🙏

We'll offer @activitypub federation between to provide seamless interop between repo's wherever they are hosted.

1st question: What's your preferred forge?

Other (please respond)

Boosts appreciated!

@dachary Your about-article reads like I need an account on every server I want to federate with? If that’s true, what is the benefit of using fedeproxy?

Or does a fedeproxy-user create all the issues / PRs / etc. on the remote server? If that’s the case, isn’t that gonna be confusing if half of the participants in a conversation have the same username and avatar?

@tastytea when forges do not implement federation, a proxy needs a user on every federated forge, indeed. It could either be users that you happen to control because you already have accounts on all of them. Otherwise fedeproxy needs to create an account for this purpose. It would be confusing if multiple users are merged into a single one, you are correct. Fedeproxy will need to create a different account for every federated users. Does that sound sensible to you ?

@dachary I don’t think fedeproxy could create accounts automatically, because of captchas. So I would have to create the account manually. At this point I could just use the remote forge directly. I don’t see the benefit in creating an extra step.

@dachary @tastytea @dachary IMO the most relevant question dachary could ask is what forges are most hated considering the goal is to liberate data. And for that, I put gitlab.com as the most hated & most useless since we must solve a CAPTCHA just to read existing bug reports. #Gitlab.com is the most inaccessible forge of all forges even pretending to be "public". It's the max security prison of all prisons.

@tastytea @dachary If fedeproxy.eu could get data out of that gitlab.com jail, it would have the greatest impact in terms of liberating inaccessible data.

@dachary @tastytea Since I can't file bug reports on gitlab.com, I find the corresponding pkg on Debian or Ubuntu bug trackers and file it there-- but then I get complaints because the bug should be reported upstream (where the pkg is jailed in github or gitlab.com). Plz consider solving that problem with fedeproxy.


@resist1984 @tastytea This is exactly the kind of first hand testimony that demonstrate the problem that fedeproxy is trying to solve. Thank you! ✨

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