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During today's meeting, there was a consensus on creating a mastodon account dedicated to It is exclusively used to boost and never toots. The community is horizontal and does not have, by definition, a spokesperson.

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You chose a full-blown masto account, but you could also have used a group.

#SocialHub is having one, called #ActivityPub for instance. You follow the #guppe account and each time it is tagged it'll forward to the timeline of all followers.

@humanetech @fedeproxy in the context of a CI, the goal is to not rely on any external service.

For instance if testing against GitLab, a full blown GitLab instance is setup when the test begins and destroyed when the test finishes. It costs CPU cycles but saves brain cells that would otherwise be wasted when the GitLab instance used for testing does not behave as expected for whatever reason.

Mastodon is evidently not trivially usable for that kind of end-to-end / integration testing.


Oh, this is related to the CI + mastodon topic on the forum? I skimmed, but didn't really get what it was going to be used for.

@humanetech yes, and it looks like running a self hosted could be a better option to test if fedeproxy is well behaved.

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